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got a pension fund or money that doing nothing +want a good long term investment

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just a silly thought 

If someone would like to pay to build my house and they can have it   25 years  or on myself and wifes death  

by that time i will be96 she will be more than that  

anyone heard of this sort of funding 

I have already had estimates of plot value 

this is all assuming the quotes I get to build it are beyond  me 

estimate for plot 400k now 

so if it costs 800k to build you get a free plot as well at the end 



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Like Jeanne Calment I think who had a deal where she agreed to pass on her apartment on her death in return for a regular payment while she was alive.  She ended up being the oldest person in France and outlived the beneficiary by a large margin.  The regular payments apparently amounted to double the value of the place.

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4 hours ago, SteamyTea said:

Called equity releases isn't it?


You borrow cash against your assets, when you die the lender gets the assets (or a fraction of them).

yes but this is up front -not sure I could get that with a house not habitable at this time

 maybe worth a a try if things get sticky

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