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Roof off Bungalow - Try and cover?


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Hi All


We are starting our bungalow extension this year and the builders said they are hoping to start september time but before then I need to take out all internal walls, floors and roof etc so its just a shell


Talking to the builder he recommended to take the roof off first and work back that way (makes sense/ safety wise etc)


My only concern is that if i take the roof off it will get wet inside, will this affect any of the internal walls that we are keeping (dotting and dabbing over). Will these dry out and not be a problem?


Is it work trying to cover the bungalow with a few large tarps? My worry is that it will end up flying half way down the village!


I need to do this over a period of a couple of months due to my other work commitments 


Any ideas or advice much appreciated

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Tarps are a nightmare, short term only IMO, the only way to keep it completely dry is scaffolding top hat (temporary tin roof) but these are expensive. Depends how much of existing is being kept and needs to be kept dry. A new build (like mine) got very wet but will dry out.

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I have attached a picture of the ground floor plan and highlighted in the red the walls that will be staying


The existing walls are wet plastered and was going to leave them like that to help with air tightness etc


Worse can scenario I could take back to brick if this wet plaster will be affected by the wet

ground floor walls.jpg

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I am starting the strip out this week. I was thinking about protecting the cavity at least


what is the best way to stop the wet getting in to the exposed cavity, it’s about 70mm wide with blown insulation 


Many Thanks 

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