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Getting level with bifold threshold - UFH installed


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l have had wet UFH installed and now trying to get my final finished floor as close to the threshold of my patio door. 

as I will be laying karndean the suggestion is that I build this up using plywood but worried it will impact on performance of the UFH. It is potentially a build up of 20-25mm. 


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Not a good idea to put 25mm of wood on top if up can avoid it.  What about other rooms? If you raise the floor will it just move the problem somewhere else? 


Think some self levelling compounds will go upto 25mm.



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Do not do this. It'll never be right. The ply will warp and move about and as the lvt planks are only a couple mm thick, they need a perfectly solid and even surface.


Forget the lvt and go for laminate. We did the same, left 20mm for an engineered wood floor, chickened out and found a lovely herringbone laminate instead. Was only 12mm thick so we used 5mm wood fibre underlay to get it up. Worked brilliantly. We had wanted lvt but all the people we spoke to said it was a no go to build up that much. Only realistic option would have been to lay a full click laminate floor and out the lvt on top. Only other option is 20mm of self leveller, but then your stuck with lvt or lino for ever.



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