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Wood Panel Effect Wallpaper - White lines on Edges


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Hi Folks,


Having a feature wall in one of the bedrooms and have my decorator hanging the paper for me... One thing he has brought to my attention is the white lines at the end of the rolls (as per photos). He is concerned that this may lead to visible white lines at the end of each strip.


I've contacted the wallpaper company for comment. This is the product: Amara Panel Vinyl Wallpaper Dark Blue Belgravia 7375; https://www.worldofwallpaper.com/amara-panel-vinyl-wallpaper-dark-blue-belgravia-7375.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw4PKTBhD8ARIsAHChzRJnjXZdjfKbTZQvLQP0mL1SI53R-OzrLfLZzwjGHH9I6uCtLOtbaAwaAu8mEALw_wcB


Just curious as to your thoughts...



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