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Dekton/Neolith shower partition wall

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We're designing our new ensuite and it's a pretty compact space.


We'd like to have the shower enclosure be glass only on the front, rather than on the side as well. But given the dimensions, we don't have the space for a tiled stud wall to the side.


Given shower enclosures are made of tempered glass, I'm wondering if it's that much of a stretch to use a sintered stone on one side as a partition. For example, say 20mm Dekton, which would be around 80x200cm. Obviously this would be heavier than <10mm glass, but it looked about the same weight as glass by volume, so maybe only 2x as much. We can double up joists if needed to support it.


I've not found any examples of this being done though.


Do you think this would be possible/permitted by b/c?


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The issue you’ll have is how to connect the shower door to that panel to ‘complete’ the enclosed shower area. The return profile usually needs ( requires ) drilled fixings which may be deeper than the ‘stone’ if only 20mm. 
Sticking with glass would be a lot simpler, and would give the room a much more open feel. I think that stone panel would be quite obtrusive in such a small room vs glass. My own opinion of course :) 

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Surely if you want a more spacious feel, do away with the partition completely, and make the room into a wet room. We have two wet rooms in our new gaff, and although I was very sceptical to begin with, I quite like them now. When you step out of the shower, you don’t get that drop in temperature. And if you have MVHR, you will find that it dries pretty quickly. Only problem I still have to solve is how to keep the toilet paper dry, but Amazon has a solution: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Risingmed-Stainless-Waterproof-Dispenser-Rustproof/dp/B073CVCDCB/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?crid=K3MVDB9S4G9T&keywords=recessed+toilet+roll+holder&qid=1652572364&sprefix=recessed+toilet+rol%2Caps%2C78&sr=8-3

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