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Bench or corner seat material in wet room?

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I'm curious to know what people's thoughts are on building a bench or corner seat in my wet room area and if just building it out of 2x4 timber and then tanking it properly is ok to do or is it best to buy some of the foam/fully shaped seats that you can build into your wet room that can then be directly tiled. I think "Jackoboard" do them.



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2x1 slats anne 2x2 frame for me, raise feet off floor, spacer members against walls off walls, sanded and no treatment for me, did one 20 years ago in an accessible wetroom, still in perfect condition does get dripped on but dries out again 

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If you fancy being a real cheapo just drag in some garden furniture.


Nothing says "luxury" more than a middle aged desperado,  


sprawled out,


in a deck chair  

with a can of beer

under a blasting shower. 

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