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Bathroom Design

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Hi All


I am doing an extension and we have 2 en-suits and one family bathroom upstairs.  I am keen to understand how you would arrange these bathrooms?  


En-suits are not made yet so can be longer or shorter than the 3M that is on the plans.  Brick wall is being built so at the window end the width is 1.7M however again the stud portion is not done so this can be made wider or less wider if we chose. Ideally in both En-Suits we would like a Shower Tray that's around 1200*800 and then Sink and WC.  If possible we would like the shower to be only glazed in the front so have 3 walls around it.  Also doors can be moved if needed.


The main Family bathroom is a fixed size of 3.5M x 2.2M.  In here we would like the WC, Shower 1200*800 Double Sink and Bath Tub.  


If I be honest I am struggling with the layout of these 3 bathrooms.  Can anyone suggest any layouts apart from what I have done? 

Bathroom Layout.jpg


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I haven't had a good look at your plans but...


Some architects use library symbols for things like showers, WC,  basins (and furniture) that are on the small side. It's worth drawing out each room on a larger scale and adding realistically sized items or at least checking the architects models are roughly correct.


For example your drawings show wall or pedestal mounted basins. Perhaps you actually want Inset or counter top basins with a vanity unit below?  They would be bigger/deeper.


Shower trays right size?


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I had a look but didn't see anything glaringly obvious. It looks pretty good. 


I'd include a cupboard for towels etc and consider where the towel rail needs to go. 


When it comes to showers we have 2 x 900 x1400.


800x1200 is more than adequate but I'd make sure that your back was to the long side when showering.  More elbow room is much more comfortable.


For a more robust waterproofing situation I would use shower trays with upstands. Also I much prefer a sliding door to a fixed pane. Splash away to your hearts content!





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Thank you for the feedback.  Once this floor is done I think I will map it all out there and see if we can get a 900*1400 shower tray.  I agree with the more room the better if the bathroom can accommodate it. 


Thanks Again

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