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Fitting a shower waste pipe in a concrete floor with wet UFH

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😡 I replied to this but it never posted.

I think theres plenty of info. now to work various options now thanks to all, i'll come back to this with my instal at a later date.


@Nickfromwales I get where your coming from on over thinking it, but may not have explained clearly what i was referring to. Imagine a shower trap set in a ground floor, waste pipe passing horizontally just under the screed until it passes through the cavity wall to the outside and then turns 90 degrees downwards via a glue fit elbow and discharges into a gully type drain. If this outside pipe become damaged in in way, you'd need to cut off the elbow which wouldn't leave enough pipe protruding through the wall to glue another one on. So the whole pipe would require changing thats encased under or partially within the screed. A sleeved pipe would allow all to be changed but you'd still need to take up the shower tray to access the trap if set on the floor.

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