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Filling a hole in the concrete floor - help!


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Hello everybody,


Wondering if I could get some advice. There is a hole in the floor within the house (ground floor), and it seems when the electrical cord/wire was decomissioned, they cut it and just left it hanging out of the floor (which they broke to get into said cord/wire) - and just left it broken. 


I was told to get the owner of the cord/wire to delay with it as British Gas said it was not theirs and hence could not touch it. When I finally found who owned the cord/wire, all they did was tuck the cord/wire into the broken parts of the flooring - told me to fill it in myself.


Does anyone know what I need to get this filled in? can I do it myself or best to get someone professional in to do it. The floor is uneven at this point (there is a hole in the floor around the cord/wire). it isn't live, but there is another wire that is, which feeds into the electric box to the side. I asked the fella how best to deal with that to get the floor even, he just said, break the concrete up under that wire and tuck that wire into the floor as well and then fill in the hole - that it is OK to do that....is it?


Any advice would be appreciated.




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