Oxidised Iron Finish on doors

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So we really really wanted a door like the pic below and a double garage door to match. The view of our house from the street is largely the garage and the house is built down a hill so looks fairly modest from the front so we wanted to hint at what lies behind the facade.


We can get the front door like the below image but getting the company to do panels to apply to either a sectional or up & over door is proving somewhat excessive on the budget! Especially as the garage door has to be industrial to take the weight! (note it is iron paint applied to wood not actual iron!)


So looking at other ways to achieve this and saw the video below from an Aussie company. Has anyone tried applying this kind of treatment to wood? I can get hold of Tricoya which is apparently the go-to base for this. May try and get some samples of the paint etc to see how it goes 🙂 But would be good to hear if any artistic types have done something similar. 






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