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Current RHI dilemma

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The RHI payments are based on the renewable heat generated, which in turn is based on the heat demand of the property as documented on the EPC, but also on the declared SCOP of the product. The latter is determined by the system design flow temperature (there is a table for each product) and hence the lower the design flow, the higher the SCOP, the more renewable energy, and the higher the payments.

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I got £12500 RHI so really happy.

System cost is £14500 but with the solar cylinder, new UFH manifold and wiring centre and complete new routing of old pipework, new solar pump station etc.

£2000 for this lot makes sense to me?

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On 15/03/2022 at 14:03, joth said:

Well done! I'll be fascinated to see how the next 2 weeks play out for you. I think ours was 9 months from deposit to RHI approved.


Post regular updates 🙂 

all sorted

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On 18/02/2022 at 15:52, pocster said:

Or get a crap epc from a guy who doesn’t understand anything - so lowers the epc ?


I booked the cheapest EPC I could find on the Internet. Less than £40 as I recall. I don't think he had ever done one before as he asked me for all the info and was in the house less than 30 mins. Our RHI is £11203.08 and we are a couple of years now into receiving payments. Our plumber did everything so his price included all the ASHP and all the plumbing of kitchen, bathrooms etc but the (less said about that the better) but our RHI covered a very significant sum and worked out cheaper than what we would have paid for the equipment alone.

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