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Building materials prices and choice of build system


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The following data on building materials price increases between October 2020 and October 2021 are from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.


  • Imported sawn or planed wood - 69.6%
  • Plywood - 49.8%
  • Fabricated structural steel - 16.9%
  • Ready mixed concrete - 7.0%
  • Blocks, bricks, tiles and flagstones - 6.4%


What influence do you think this might have on the choice of building system for an inexperienced self-managing self-builder?

Link to BEIS


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We decided against TF in favoure of block and brick on our first build 

Purely based on cost 

For our next build we looked at TF again as cost wasn’t the same issue But found TF even more expensive than last time Probably due to rising Labour cost 

This was just as lockdown was kicking in 

Now the difference between TF has widened even further 

So brick and block for our next two 

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