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New Garage Build

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Thank you for the comment. I designed the concrete base/pin myself. The concrete is stepped, the lower step is 320 mm deep and the upper step which helps support the footing is 420 mm deep. The form work used for the first concrete base will be used again as a jig to construct the other concrete base/pins. The upper step form will be modified so that it offset by 100 mm, as it was tricky placing in the concrete for the first base/pin.

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Hello everyone.

The underpinning/ concrete base has now been completed. Altogether there were 6 holes/forms to fill with concrete .It takes 7 days for the concrete to fully harden so the whole process took 6 weeks. The next part will be to construct a raised brick garden bed, it will be one brick thick and 5 courses high.

garage 34.jpg

garage 35.jpg

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Lovely neat job!


I chuckled at 6 weeks though. While it does take 7 days for concrete to reach a decent proportion of it's design (28 day) strength, you'd have been OK just leaving 48 hours between working on adjacent pins, and you could have done hit & miss pins at each end, so long as 25% of the length wall wasn't simultaneously undermined. 

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