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How to fix timber wall plate to heavy duty steel lintels


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Eaves lintels
Catnic heavy duty & extra heavy duty cavity lintels, respectively. (Catnic CH and CX). 156mm high 

Timber wall plate to sit on lintel, hip roof trusses sit on wall plate.


What is likely to work reliably for fixing the wall plate to the lintels?

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+1, I had to change my design because of that: Catnic lintels strength comes largely from the masonry within and on top of it. I ended up with masonry hangers, that allowed for the same height but extra row of blocks as required

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I also want to support the Wall plate, with no loss of height.  It was an outside toilet, with washroom, that has got integrated into the house, and I want to put window/doors in.


I have just spoken to Catnic, and as said, they need bricks above them for integrity.


I have also spoken to steel suppliers, who were encouraging, that an 'L' shaped angle cupping the wall plate should be ok.


This needs to pass the building inspector, is there a way of getting calculations, that would help?

Or any advice please


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