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Probably a daft idea - exposing external wall


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Short - Daft idea is to leave external rubble stone, window ingles open and on show.

I’d re-point it up in lime and probably give it a few coats of a (hot) lime-wash. 

Long - I’ve just had 10 new windows put in, and there’s been a bit of a surprise behind one of the existing stud/PIR insulation walls.

During the original conversion, they never removed enough stone on this one window opening. 
So the stud work was only about 20mm thick, as was the pir. 

The new window has thinner frames, so I’ve subsequently only 13mm to play with, between stone and window opening mechanism. 

Now I either take out stones/sthil saw offending stones, to give me some space, to rebuild… or a leave it open and on show. 
I haven’t been able to find any dot-dab insulated plasterboard, thin enough, and can go on an external wall.  

Issues -

I have a timber kit home internally, and a cavity, so closing that off might be tricky. 

Window opening is close to a kitchen, so household humidity is at its highest, but we have a MVHR, so rest of house sits at around 50% humidity. 



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39 minutes ago, Marvin said:

And probably cause condensation

Yeah that’s the major concern, even with the mvhr, there’s going to be a big difference in temp, with the kitchen next door, humidity is going to be higher

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Cool wallpaper, very 1980s (a decade I enjoyed).


If your MVHR is getting most of the house down to 50% RH, and short of having a boiling pan of water on the stove for 16 hours a day, I don't think that condensation will be a huge risk.

You could fit secondary extraction in the kitchen, if it is large enough, it will draw dry air, from the rest of thee house, into the room.

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