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Lost my brickie

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Damn it, he has had a gang of lads on another job leave his company and he now doesn't have the resources to do my build (obviously mine is not a priority), ffs.


Looks like I am in the market for another brickie at the height of labour shortages, time to bend over and brace for the financial shafting, if I can even find anyone with availability.

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It’s happening everywhere 

The Brickie that came on here a couple of weeks back and hacked all the corners off his work Is back working for the same bricklaying contractor 

He caused 5k in damage 


For those old enough to remember Yozzer 

(Others google)

It was remarkably similar to a scene from boys from the black stuff 


He turned up at 3 on a Friday 

after it had rained all day Site manager said “Bit late to be starting “

Hammer and bolster in hand He just replied I’m sorry La My work I haven’t been paid Then proceeded to knock all the face brick corners off on a four block 

Mumbling sorry as he went 

The only glimmers of hope was when the skip guy appeared and asked him to move his van

Which he did Then carried on knocking the rest of the corners off 

Site manger called The police and was told to stop wasting there time 

Afterwards he went in the site office and said Yoozs are all good lads and treated me right I’m sorry 

Site manager said did you see the size of his arms 

I replied that I was more focused on the two pound lump hammer he was still  holding 

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