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Bricking/blocking up against a wall with a lean?

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I've started to look at bricking up an internal opening this evening.

Basically closing up a wide opening to doorway size. Couple of lintels to go over the doorway opening, and a tiny triangle of bricks above that to the apex.


Marked a line down the centre of the existing bricks and screwed the top fixing of a crocodile in place. Let go of the crocodile after marking the lower fixing points and watched it swing away from centre. It's got quite a lean. Picture attached with a laser level on it to give an idea of the lean.


Ancient existing bricks are 240mm wide. I'm planning to use dense concrete blocks on their side, so new bit will be 25mm shy of the existing width.

I'm not sure what to brick to with this.

Pick a side and follow the current lean?

Half the lean and try to straighten out a little?

Ignore the lean and go vertical?


How would you do it?



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