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  1. I don't think we have two openings the same size here. The doors will be whatever size we can have made to fit the hole
  2. For this particular opening I've got a 1200mm catnic and the span is 866mm. Regs suggest 100mm bearing minimum for this span, but I thought i'd go 150mm anyhow.
  3. It's in a 100mm inner leaf. Roughly another 2m of blockwork to go above it.
  4. I'm about to fit a catnic bsd100 over a doorway, 900mm span, in a wall made of celcon standard 3.9kn blocks. Do i need to put padstones under it or not? Original plans specified a concrete lintel without padstones. I don't think I need to fit them, but i have a nagging doubt so thought i'd ask the floor.
  5. Definitely. The droop on the tape measure will be an error to compensate for. How much extra trimmable stuff is on the ends?
  6. That's not too bad in my case. I'll have to measure each joist span once the hangers are in place.
  7. I'm going to get a price for web joists. With all other items so far I've found large variations in costs between suppliers for the same products. In most cases it has been worthwhile spending time on multiple quotes. Are web joists the same and worth the effort of tracking down better prices, or will I find that multiple quotes come in at pretty much the same price?
  8. The towers I have picked up have 4ft between the uprights. 5 scaffold boards fit across them with a little to spare.
  9. You mix for 10 minutes? Perhaps that is the secret i'm missing. I've got a special super accurate water measurer, it use to be a yogurt pot. The wedged wooden handle would have the same effect as propping up the rear feet of the mixer. It makes quite a difference. Have you tried shovelling out of your Belle? The lip in the centre of the drum is most annoying. I'm going to look at a tower section later. I'll measure to see how many scaffold boards this particular one will take across the top. Do you fasten anything under the boards to stop them walking off the tower or do you find they stay where they are put?
  10. Thanks for finding the video. Are the five boards on the far tower ordinary scaffold boards? What are the longer boards you are using on the near section?
  11. My current technique involves running the edge of the trowel across the top block edge before placing. There's nothing i can do for the bulges and they bugger up running a level across the face
  12. I'll give the third block checking a go for the next course. How do you deal with the block edge against the line when the block edges are anything but straight? The last pack of celcons had blocks with bulges on their face and the edges are always rough and wobbly. I absolutely hated the DPC course. Trying to manipulate the block, the DPC and dress the DPM under the DPC was plain nasty. I have still to perfect the mix. It just never turns out as buttery smooth as the tutorials i've watched. Ditto on the Belle 130. With a small load in the drum i've found the stuff falls from the rear of the drum better if i prop up the rear legs by an inch or two.
  13. That's the kind of thing I had in mind along with trestles and boards. I'm laying to a line along with all of the level checks 😱
  14. I bed one block at a time. I can lay the second course without disturbing the previous. I leave the two courses overnight and the next day i install the insulation board and resin in ties ready for the next two courses. I've put down 6 courses so far and looked at the 7th and thought "platform" Thanks for the confirmation. Just needed to know how many boards to price up a set.