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  1. Digmixfill

    Cold bridges - suggestions on ways to deal with them?

    The only thing i've come up with so far that might help is to cut out slots in the brickwork to reduce the size of the bridge. Just had a quick look through the details in the pdfs and didn't spot anything. The pdfs themselves are useful though
  2. The existing 9 inch solid brickwork on our building has two walls that form what will be our hallway. If i build to the drawings i'll build the cavity wall up to these and leave the cold bridges in place. Anyone have suggestions for these that i can think about?
  3. Digmixfill

    New inner leaf openings against original wonk?

    Having the opening wider and trued up with plasterboard make sense. 👍 As i've got 9inch external leaf i'm hoping to attach to the external. I can decide which way to fix when offering the frames up.
  4. I'm starting to look at putting blocks up above dpc and some of the openings i'm lining up with are anything but true vertically. Concave, convex and slanted are all in the mix. How best to align the sides of new opening with the old? I've considered the widest point, the narrowest point and the distance between the average of each side so far.
  5. Had a conversation with a BCO today. Insistent that the lower slab stays but i can reduce it and the hardcore to get double the insulation in. :)
  6. Thank you :) The plans for this where put together prior to the 2010 regs. I've already dug out enough to have 100mm insulation, so it is slightly better. I'm close to putting the hardcore down, so if things are to change in the floor now is the time. I'd be more than happy to replace the lower slab with 150mm of insulation if building control are ok with it. I like the idea of a thicker screed. I can always bring the heat on earlier if it's slow to respond.
  7. Hello everyone. I have a soil pipe that runs from a chamber outside, through the foundations and across the ground under the hardcore to a downstairs bathroom. I think I'm going to have to feed the bath waste into a floor level manifold beside the toilet outlet to get a drop. I've looked at a couple of manifolds that are similar to the image attached. Some recess the body into the screed, some sit atop but all seem to have a similar length outlet to connect to the soil pipe. I've not come across any details yet on the depth to terminate the long radius bend in the floor to accommodate these manifolds. Any pointers/ideas welcomed.
  8. Digmixfill

    GSHP frost stat requirement?

    The things that bother me about the Kensa information are a) 5C as a trigger point to activate the system seems awfully high, it would run the system on many days here. b) activating the the entire system seems wasteful if there is no call for heat. @PeterW your choice of 1C activation temperature is much more sensible.
  9. Digmixfill

    GSHP frost stat requirement?

    The circulation pump agitating the water for a short time sounds sensible enough. The Kensa information i received was "The heat pump is extremely robust, what isnt, is the water within the machine on the heating side, if the heating is off because its the middle of the night and the temp drops below 5°C the frost stat will override the programmer an switch on the heating system to stop it freezing" If that information came from a reseller or installer i'd just assume they were talking bobbins but the information was from Kensa themselves. I did ask in a reply why that should be the case if all liquids had antifreeze but never got any further response.
  10. I'm nowhere near needing to purchase my GSHP yet, but I am at the point where I need to decide where it will live. Ideally it will be in its own weather proof hut on the outside of the building. Whilst mulling things over earlier I remembered something that was mentioned a while ago by a chap a Kensa. The chap said that the Evo could be housed externally but it would require a frost stat that would turn on the heat pump to prevent freezing if the outside temperature dropped below 5C. Having looked inside an older Kensa GSHP I couldn't see anything that would require frost prevention. The control PCB was conformally coated and all of the liquids contained antifreeze. Does anyone here have their heat pump housed externally and do you have a frost stat for < 5C?
  11. Digmixfill

    Creating new cavity and wonky walls?

    You have a PM
  12. Digmixfill

    Creating new cavity and wonky walls?

    ACS are still in business :) Thanks for the details I'll drop them an email and see what they can offer for the longer ties I'll need. I'm going with the resin filled hole for the ties. I've done a few so far and they don't seem too much hassle.
  13. Digmixfill

    Creating new cavity and wonky walls?

    Thanks for checking this. My Following preferences for the thread are at the top of the page not the bottom, and it would seem that I am the incognito follower Other settings are set to send email when new content is posted I've checked my mail server logs and there doesn't appear to be any delivery attempt from anything that has buildhub in it's FQDN.
  14. Digmixfill

    Creating new cavity and wonky walls?

    Only just spotted the update to this thread. I'm still not sure why i don't get email alerts for posts I ended up walking around the building with a 12ft 2x4 and a laser level. Found all the low and high spots and ended up doing what you have described. Two rooms are up to DPC level and the height level change bit is almost up to the top DPC level. Just a couple of beams and block to sort to finish the height change. Where did you get you ties made up? And did you opt for beads to fill your irregular cavities?
  15. Digmixfill

    DPM under DPC - is there a trick to keeping it in place?

    Our floor detail has been drawn up with the concrete, insulation and UFH + screed all above the DPM. This particular wall has to be completed before the other walls in this room can be dealt with, It's part of a height change in the room. Thanks for the idea of downstanding the DPC into the rooms. That might be useful for the main event. Did you tape over the overlap or butt joint with tape over?