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Fix a gate post to a wall

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I was recommended to use concrete screws (x4) to fix the gate post to the wall but unfortunately I don't have solid bricks - there are 3 oval spaces in the brick and the spacing is not equal either (see photo). I'm attempting to use the the most solid part of the brick at 81mm but if the builder has laid the brick the other way round (rotate the brick 180 degrees) the the most solid part could be at 73mm. Therefore I could drill in and hit the side of the oval hole and get no fixing and I could make multiple errors. Should I be using a different type of fixing or should I fill the brick hole with concrete if I make a mistake (or does that have the potential of coming out with the weight of the gate when it's hung? Thanks

Brick measured 2.jpg

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I agree Resin Fix and stainless steel threaded studs....Screwfix have everything you need:-



If you break through into a hole just squirt in more resin, you should have plenty for hanging a gate, once it has set as said above you could hang an elephant of them next day.

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