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Ground Floor Engineered Floor


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Hi Guys,

Would anyone be able to advise what's the best way to tackle laying new floor on ground floor in Victorian house?
I have suspended joist on ground floor, debating whether to install under floor heating(wet), I was thinking of removing the original floor planks, installing 100mm insulation between joist recessed 25mm.
Then wet underfloor heating, cover it with 18mm moisture resistant chipboard, covered with 3mm insulation with damp proof member and 14mm engineered floor.
The only issue I see here is the floating the floor, which I think will move, upstairs I have used a secret screw fixings and its solid, but downstairs I am cautious that I will puncture one of the water pipes for underfloor heating.
Is there any other way of doing this?


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Insulation between joists then UFH (spreader plates or pug mix is another choice.


Engineered fllooring chosen to be thick enough to be structural direct onto joists with secret screw or nail fixing.

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Hi Dave,


Would i need to lay a damp proof membrane as I have a void below ground floor? Also I would like to lay the floor length wise(window to window) so it will be in the same direction as joists. Otherwise the room will look small

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