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  1. Thank you guys for all the help. The channel and glass is now installed. What clear silicone would you recommend for bead around shower tray, I kind of like the matt clear silicone but don't know the product name.
  2. Thanks for help. On the bottom I need to bed the glass onto the CT1 as well.As the glass sit direcly on the top of the tray. Should I seal the bottom of the glass pane on both sides inside and outside or nly outside? -Luke
  3. Thanks guys for help. One more thing, should i put a line of silicone on the bottom of the channel where it touches the wall and on the external part as well?(I would leave inside of the u channel without the sealand for the water to escape.Glass is sitting directly on the top of the tray so I am assuming this needs to be sealed externally only. -Luke
  4. Hello There, Could someone provide me with advice how to properly install a glass within wall channel? I had an installer that has done this before but he has done completely terrible job, that I had to purchase a new set of channels as he covered everything in silicone and ripped apart the knock on seal. So I removed everything and want to do the job properly. I have instruction from manufacturer but I am not sure where the gasket goes, looks to me that it should be installed on the external side of the tray. But do I seal internal side with sealant? Thank you in advance. -Luke