Brick slips and mortar

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Hope this is the correct forum for this question.


We are 80% through our renovation project. Our kitchen is the next major item to be installed. It is our intention to have brick slips on the wall which the kitchen units will rest up against. I have two questions regarding this:


1) My preferred order of works is as follows: Kitchen install > Quartz worktop and upstand measured and installed > brick slips installed, followed by mortar. Our builders order is slightly different as he wants to mortar the brick slips before the worktop is installed meaning the brick slips will be installed before the worktop and upstand. Our tiler, who is working for us not the builder, wants to install the brick slips after the worktop and upstand are in place. The builders justification is because mortar is a messy process and he must keep things clean. They tiler says he needs to work off from the upstand first. Which order would you suggest and why?


2) Can we mortar ourselves? Is it possible to use an injectable ready mixed mortar? If so can someone link some suitable products? This would save some cost which is always helpful.


Many thanks 

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1. I agree with the tiler

2. Why isn’t the tiler doing the pointing ..? He will use a mortar gun and the correct grout / mortar for the brick slips. Pointing is not something you want to do to save money as when it’s done bad it looks atrocious. 

If your builder is worrried then cover the worksurfaces with ProPlex (which most do anyway)  and protect it. I would always fit the kitchen then take the doors off when tiling anyway as it lessens the chances of damage. 

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Plus 1 

Just cover the worktops 

The tiler will make a neater and cleaner job than the builder 

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