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"High Integrity" Shower Hose

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Akin to onoff's hose quest,


The additional thermostatic mixer with gun set-up I have in my bathroom looks like it has a normal shower hose. The coiled metal outer part has already split near the gun (I'm not sure whether this can be attributed to a manufacturing fault or user error) and when the line is pressurised (just normal mains water pressure) the inner rubber hose bulges out.


Thinking about it I realised that, unlike a shower, with this design the hose is always under pressure. So if I replace it, can I get a better hose that will take, maybe, up to 10 bar all day long?

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I'll take a look later.


She started off leaving the control valve open all the time and just having the gun trigger as the isolation and I only noticed after the metal split and the hose was bulging out because the mains pressure is right up against the valve in the trigger and trying to escape out of the hose. I told her that if it burst and she flooded the extension, she should pack her bags and never return.

So now she always closes the valve (I hope). However, unlike a shower hose that has an end open to atmospheric pressure, even when you close the valve on this, it leaves a quantity of water in the hose at higher pressure, presumed 3-4 bar. So not only does she have to close the main valve, I trained her to press the trigger to release the pressure after she closes the valve too.


These things are an insurance claim waiting to happen.

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I don't like the look of the plastic hoses compared to the metal ones, are they actually better from a strength/wear perspective? They're not as flexible in my experience. and I believe flexible is a 'requirement' in this instance.


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I'm not so sure that they're as flexible tbh. Maybe a buy it and see moment? 

The wound metal / chrome ones do take quite a beating so maybe you just had a duff / cheap-n-nasty one. Buy a branded one off eBay and give it a whirl, but needless to say watch for floods as the one you've got is clearly on borrowed time. Doubt if you have the nerves left for a flood at this stage. ;)

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