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Hi guys,


Although we have planning permission for a New Build with an off white render, we're now exploring other options to add a bit more interest to the front of the house.

The house will be 13m wide and we would like to clad the Gable end in something else. The windows are dark grey. We like the look of a light grey composite laid vertically.

Would welcome your thoughts and suggestions. 



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Are you using K rend or similar if so I think it needs an expansion gap/strip every 5/6m.  Reason I say that is if you would prefer to not have an expansion strip you can perhaps use a change of material eg cladding.  

One end of my house was a bit bland so we did timber cladding between windows for interest.  Per attached.


another thing you can do for interest is the gutters and downpipe which you can get in quite a range of colours.  We went for galvanised and were glad we did.  


appreciate might not be right for you but just throwing ideas in...


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20 hours ago, SuperJohnG said:

@Bozza s looks nice. 


Look up russwood. Lots of cladding detail, black cladding is pretty nice. 


I going for rainscreen siberian larch cladding mixed with white render on carrier board. I thought you didnt need an expansion joint on renderboard, defo don't need vents. 

You may be totally right about that.   our krend is on blockwork.

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