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A good inveter


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Hi, I have been looking for a sign wave inverter 24v to run the whole house, our use isn't that heavy. With storage heaters we are using 44 kwh per day average over the year. I won't run the storage heaters off the inverter! Just a few lights, computer, fridge freezer, washing machine and perhaps it might handle the electric cooker, though we have gas backup.

I'm just having trouble finding a good one, so often the reviews are very variable. I spend what I need to in order to get a good one.

Thanks for any ideas! Justin

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Washing machine is 1200-3000W

Electric ovens 2000-2200

Freezer 200-400

Fridge 40-120

Computer 80-100

Call it 3500W to 6000W total


Without more info on the actual appliances I'd be looking for something that can do over 6000W continuously.  I suspect "Peak" figures are usually only guaranteed for a few seconds, eg to allow for motor start up.  



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1 hour ago, NotJustin said:

I'm just having trouble finding larger ones for sale.

Have a look at inverters that can me installed together, rather than 1 inverter that can 'do the lot'.

It is a big ask to expect a single unit to deliver either 3W for a light bulb and then 7 kW or more for cooking.

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120mm²  For a 10 metre run.




and the circuit breaker will be huge.


This sort of thing would need very careful design, probably better going up in DC voltage.


48V system would only need 35mm²


96V would only need 10mm²


Now you are into 'normal' cable sizes.



(This might be a grid tied inverter, but you get the point)

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I now have a 48v inverter, the seller tells me that it connects right at the mains, before my distribution box. Does anyone know how this gets wired up? I'm going to get an electician to do it, but I feel I need the info before that. Thank you.

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