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Self-build Gravenhill


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Hi everyone,


Just a quick note to say hello and introduce our project, which is a self build at the Gravenhill site in Bicester.


We have submitted for planning and intend to construct using SIPs to a near Passive Haus standard. While we have refurbished a couple of Victorian houses, a self build is a significant step up. Thankfully I have stumbled across this site and it seems it will prove invaluable to what is likely to be a steep learning curve.


I look forward to discussing the project and contributing once I have some knowledge!


If anyone is interested I have uploaded the 3D drawings.







370 - PL 500 Proposed Renders.pdf

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Very nice. Good to see solar gain has been thought of on the design.


Don't worry, building a new house is easier than renovating an old one. Everything is easier and cheaper.... There's just more of it!

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Hi Tom, welcome to BuildHub! This is Oliver from plot 156.


I can see you're next to Jordan and have an awesome view. That'll be a stunning house.


I should be moved in a few weeks from now after 2 years in the project. Pop by when you're next on site, it'd be good to catch up in person :)


P.s. Happy to help if you need tools or advice, just let me know!

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Cheers for the welcome.


@Conor Thanks, i hope it works once built, choosing them right windows vs budget will be key.


I hope it is easier! undoing decades worth of bodges has taken lots of time and money!


@Visti Hopefully it will turn out well, very envious of all of you who have completed the journey. From a quick read of the forum, it seems you have certainly put everything into it!

It’s certainly one of the houses we walked past and admired on our previous visits, so the hard work has paid off I’d say.


I’ll make sure to pop by, be great to meet you and i really appreciate the offer of advice/tools. I suspect I’ll be taking you up on that!



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