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Hi everybody

I am renovating a house in London and found this wonderful, stylish, Italian staircase. Made by Fontanot an Italian firm. I bought the staicase. The price was very reasoanable  (under £4,000) for two stories, but it is proving very difficult to install. Fontanot says that it can easily be fitted by a DIY specialist, but the buildres working on the site have not managed to figure it ou, inspite of instructions and videos. The company which sold it to me just insist it's easy to install and gave tme the name of one installer, right up north who is busy for two weeks

Surely there is somebody out there who can install it? I have a budget of £1,800 so please contact me if you know of anybody who can do it. I have instructions and videos

Thanks everybody


staircase.details.pdf staircase...pdf

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I don't know how to break it to you gently, but that staircase will not comply with UK building regs.


It will fail the "100mm sphere will not pass through" test between the treads, and between the (yacht rigging) banisters (because they will push apart).  It will also fail as horizontal banisters even if solid are not allowed any more as it's too easy to climb up them.


So you need to partly block the gap between the stairs, and fit a solid vertical banister with <100mm gaps. 

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