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Never mind carbon neutrality, now you have to be Nitrate Neutral


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Planning decisions for new builds across South Hampshire (and some other areas) have been on hold now for several months due to concerns about nitrate levels in the Solent and the increase in blue green algae as a result. Various mitigation schemes are being discussed (Portsmouth City Council are even looking at creating massive Oyster beds in the Solent), but it seems like there's little chance of a quick fix. I was speaking earlier today to a small developer who has effectively been on gardening leave for the day past four months, with his current project at a complete standstill (land purchasedn planning app submitted, but no idea of when it may even be considered).


One more thing to check if you're looking at the ideal plot - is it in an area where nitrate neutrality will be a pre-requisite of any planning application (assuming they'll even consider it!).

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