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I was idly looking at the Land Registry data this morning for our house. (which in Scotland is at


3 things struck me.


Our plot correctly shows the house name, in spite of still not managing to get the address on the postcode address file.


The maps are far more detailed than any OS map of the area showing all the buildings outlines in remarkable detail. The outline of our house is correctly shown as is the outline of the static caravan.  Neither of our sheds are shown though most neighbouring houses do have their outbuildings shown.  I was pondering how and when that was surveyed, I have never seen anyone walking round with a total station but I suspect that must have happened at some point?


When we bought the plot, there was one bit of land between us and a neighbour that appeared to be unregistered.  We decided not to try contesting it or claiming it. It would not have added any useful space for us and in any event next doors septic tank is on that bit of land.  It is curious that it is still not shown as enclosed by next doors title plan, so next door appears to have his septic tank on a bit of unregistered land.  I am surprised they did not try to correct that (e.g by adverse possession) when the house changed hands, not long after we bought our plot.


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I would think that they get sight of the bit of the Application that involves the OS plan?


Our Council used to display that layer on their website maps, but do not any more.



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Yes but the plan on our planning application was all that was available then, a very basic outline plan.


In the last few years the plans on the LR site have been vastly improved including much more detail of old houses, not just new ones.

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