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  1. Hi, Have any of you got any photos of this? also how did you any of you construct patios or decking next to the insulated raft modules? Thanks
  2. This is where we're at just now. Water and electricity being connected next week and the insulated raft being put together head is spinning but I guess that's building a house and will probably continue for the next 6 months ahhhh so yea I'm not loosing sleep about earthing clamps and tape any more!
  3. now does anyone want to comment on whether they used top hats around their services to seal their DPM 🙄 now that the eathings been ticked off the list of worries thats next on the list😆 yep i am at the you have to be insane to build a house and i'm only on week three🙈
  4. ok thanks everyone i think i'll just forget i ever read about it!
  5. Everyone i have discussed this will is giving a similar sort of reponse
  6. It just advices this earthing the reinforecement mesh in the isoquick guidance, i spoke to my electrician in a brief call as he was on holiday in Lanzerote and he said this is total overkill Did anybody with a raft foundation do this?? please send advice and insulated raft people
  7. @PeterW Yes its 250 EPS and then a 200mm structural slab with 2 layers of reinforcement, the manufacturer suggested an earth tale(not sure if that was typo and he means earth tape) and a spare duct next to it poppingup in the plant room but could someone whoes done an insulated raft explain how they did this and what they used exactly
  8. Hi, Can anyone who has built an insulated raft foundation tell me what exactly they bought to attach to the reinforcement mesh to earth the slab? Any links to products to buy or photos would be great as I'm going to need to have the right thing for next week. Thanks
  9. I've got two layers in a 200mm thick slab
  10. Hi @SuperJohnG just wondering from your experience Would you go for full sheets of the reinforcement mesh 4.8m x 2.4m or smaller 3.6m x 2m sheets of the A393 reinforcement mesh? basically i've got quotes for price and both same price so I'm thinking the smaller will be easier to handle and put in place but will have more overlaps and ties. Just wondering what you would go for having laid the stuff in the raft?
  11. Protek were the ones that asked me about contractors, so I had to admit I was project managing, getting all the trades in separately, so there's the risk right there for increasing the premium itself ?
  12. Do you mean you cut away a depth of the edge of the concrete to sink the window thresholds lower? Has anyone on here used and isoquick base, @Gus Potter, @PeterW @Jeremy Harrisis what @IanR suggested make the threshold fit the flooring not the other way round possible with the isoquick raft? Thanks @SuperJohnG i need building by pictures to get my head round this bit!
  13. yea that was quite interesting in the it was 2200 insurance premium and 2500 audit inspection fee plus tax underwriting fee and something else. their going to do three inspections on site. All the other quotes were about 100-1500 insurance premium and mega bucks for inspections.
  14. well I would love to do this it, would make life very easy but i presumed with the structural slab setting the level for the soleplate? and then window frames? set depths? I might be wrong, first build I've never seen a kit go together, soleplates, window sliders doors being fitted so i presumed these ontop of slab would create a height of the door thresholds above the slab.
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