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  1. Any advice on cutting our Gutex boards? I see alligator saws are perfect but Id like to avoid more tools in the shed! My options are a circular saw hooked up to a dust extract to keep things clear - I've read a larger tooth rip blade is perferable? I also have a reciprocating saw which I'm likely to need for any angles. I see pavatherm do a specific blade but it's not cheap! I know many of you have installed similar products.... Ta
  2. We opted for Rockwool Flexi between our studwork. Wood fibre board over to wrap it up. The flexi came in 50% of the cost of wood fibre batts or sheeps wool.
  3. Quick update: All four parcels dispatched. I've paid two import duties so far and they attempted delivery yesterday but we were out. Ordered on Monday! I've just had the other 2 import duty emails so should have delivery of everything mid next week. Really impressed so far. Latzel / Thomas has been incredibly quick with everything and DPD make it very easy to pay fees etc. Full breakdown of cost comparison to follow...
  4. I've recently placed an order for various breather membranes, Intello, tapes, gaskets etc. I estimated around £2.2-2.3k's worth if purchased over here. Once it's arrived and I've paid our VAT, duty etc I'll try and pull a breakdown together and see how it all compares. Delivery time etc. Ben
  5. I think architects have been pushed and pulled around by manufacturers - cavity good, cavity bad. Fullfill good, fullfill bad... etc! If space allows we tend to feel a bit more comfortable down the Rockwool type fullfill arrangement. For people who have seen the quality of a typical partial cavity board install this will make complete sense. Not abutted, at funny angle etc. Awful. I'll leave you with the attached to further prove my point....and tickle you all...
  6. Ground floor isn't too bad - needs some tweaking to get the back bedrooms a bit bigger. I'd do this by losing the WC and being a bit more clever with the bathrooms. You could have a loo connected to the utility if it's for when popping in etc? First floor suggestion above is spot on, but it depends on the views and context which we don't know? At the very least have a bit more separation between the living area and bedroom. Add a WC into this separation too. It's a good start. I'd let us know more about the surrounding context and any particular brief arrangements you have!
  7. Yep - It's something I really must do. It seems too easy to take a million photos these days so it would be good to have something all in one place with commentary!
  8. Thanks - looks positive. I'm going to get the engineer confirm what compressive strength he's after beneath the sole plate. 💪 - might inform the decision!
  9. Thanks - fewer bits of information and suppliers online but I'll get in touch.
  10. I wasn't aware of the exact figures so ta! We're having a suspended beam and block floor due to ground conditions so it's the one weak point in the thermal envelope - especially as the roof and walls will be timber frame insulated between and over.
  11. Perinsul marginally cheaper from searches - 1.5k vs 1.6k.
  12. Any thoughts or preferences on the above. I recognize the difference between the two - Foamglas Perinsul is stronger (throughout) but less thermal performance. Thermoblock performs better but achieves compressive strength via inserts within it. It strikes me that the Foamglas has the benefit of acting just like a block so should be easier for the groundwork to adapt to? Most builders don't seem to be aware of the type of products or detail it's associated with!!
  13. Hi all, I've been meaning to say hello for a while - hoping I could share some more detailed info of the project we're just embarking on! I'm an architect and have finally got into a position to undertake a self-build. The project is an extension and renovation of an 1860's cottage which is rather small at present. We will be going from 55sqm to circa 135. First phase is the extension and we are adopting PH principals (airtight, triple glazing, reasonably well insulated, MVHR) - phase 2 will be the refurb of the existing cottage element later down the line (over insulating, new windows, doors etc). I'm enjoying the chat and info here already. Through the job we're generally presented companies and products via CPD and sales - it's nice to see and hear people recommending products from experience, likewise suppliers etc. I'll be managing and undertaking a lot of the build myself. Contracted works so far are groundworks and timber frame (stick build on site). For anyone on Instagram - I'll hopefully start a blog soon. Let's see how much time I have... Cheers. BP