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  1. Thank you very much, we will explore that. Very reassuring about the fire escape point, we will run this past the building control team too
  2. Hi Peter, The rear of the property faces south so we are hoping to capture as much light as possible from this aspect which is why we have tried to position the open plan kitchen/living room at the rear, unfortunately this limits the light getting to the bedroom unless we find an alternative solutions. I think the L shaped kitchen/living room makes a better use of the space but the additional bedroom could limit the light coming into the living room. Difficult decision but on balance probably the best solution. Thank you, CB
  3. Thank you very much for your comments Ferdinand. I'll be sure to add to the 'Introduce Yourself' page. I think you're right that we should speak with Building Control first to assess those areas ahead of time. By all accounts Wandsworth have a good building control team so this is probably the best first step. Thank you, CB
  4. We have recently purchased a 1bed ground floor flat located in a terrace and are looking to remove the existing (poor quality) rear extension and erect a new 6m long full width extension in its place. As you will see from image 3 (attached) we are hoping to create a new bedroom within the new space. This bedroom would be entirely internalised as it falls within the building line of the upper floors (shown in blue on image 2). We would like to ensure that light does get to this room and are looking whether the solutions would be to insert clerestory windows within the building line (roughly sketched out in image 1 - attached). I have a couple of queries regarding this solution: 1) Is it acceptable in planning and building regs terms that the only windows serving this new habitable room are (likely unopenable) high level clerestory windows which would not provide an escape route in case of fire, or manual ventilation. 2) The property is south facing and receives great sunlight all year round. What are the chances that the Council (Wandsworth) would object to these types of windows on daylight/sunlight grounds 3) Structurally, are clerestory windows going to work in this instance when the majority of the existing wall will likely remain in place. This is our first home (and project) and any help this community can offer would be greatly appreciated by us.
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