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  1. thank you @Ferdinand I have done the drainage search. Any idea where i do the electrical and mining etc searches? Other than a conveyancer....
  2. Thanks @Temp Sage advice... and food for thought. If I can accomodate enough people, you're on the list for the housewarming... 😉
  3. Yeah, didn't think this was straightforward!! Thank you all @nod, @PeterW @Temp for your sage advice, think I will seek some expert advice on this as it sounds increasingly like it will be money well spent! If anyone knows of a decent accountant specialising in this kind of thing please tell... I don't think CIL in the area is too crippling (circa £2k for a 100sqm build). Interested though @Temp to know why you say ' I would avoid returning to the bungalow unless you can find a good reason'? We intend the house build to be a fairly small one, and the converteed bungalow to be the main draw, or where we want to live eventually. But do then intend to sell that to move on to our final project somewhere, hopefully near mortgage free.. Mebbe wishful thinking...
  4. Hi all! We are right at the start of this... Have seen an opportunity for a bungalow on a large plot with access to where there's ample space for a new build. Drainage won't be a problem either. Our aim is to do both projects resulting in a major financial benefit for our future. Our quandary atm, is about what order to do things in to be as efficient as possible. I'm leaning towards: live in bungalow, develop plot. Move into the plot and develop the bungalow then sell the plot, move back to the bungalow/house and maybe sell that.. Financial and tax implications to the above or a better way of doing it would be very welcome and helpful!
  5. Congratulations! We'll hopefully hear this week whether we get our bungalow... nails are taking a hammering... We'd just assumed we'd remodel, build upwards and not demolish, so would be very interested to hear about reasons for knockdown and replace and why the struggle with planning?? Cheers!