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  1. Sorry no we haven’t paid yet, we’re around four weeks from completion
  2. How would I do that if I’ve already paid her for the land sorry? We wouldn’t be able to dig until we’ve bought the land would we? Can we hold some of the money back until we clarify the drainage issue?
  3. I have attached the plan from 1953, it’s the red line running diagonally across the site we’ve been advised it a land drain but as I said have been contacted by a local guy who develops porperty who has now made me panic and like he said the land has been for sale for a long time, this is our first self build so no clue what we are doing really, we thought the sewage trace was enough but clearly we are very wrong!
  4. I am waiting for someone to contact me today, the drainage guy seemed to think that even if drains Were there they could be moved quite easily. But he was also adamant there were no other sewerage drains running through our land. How do I confirm whether there are drains there or not? I assumed a sewer trace would do this. I was told the land drain wouldn’t be a problem for building? It doesn’t go under where the house would be it goes along the edge of the land we are buying, where we wanted to build a detached garage. I have spoken with the water company, apparently they don’t have any knowledge of any drains as they took ownership of them from the local authority who didn’t map their drains.
  5. We are currently 4 weeks away from completion on a plot of land, when we initially looked at the land a neighbour mentioned there was a problem with drains on the site. We had a sewage drain trace done and it showed a drain running through the land but it didn’t affect our build so we went ahead with the purchase. The person who did the trace said there are no further drains running through the site. We have been sent a plan from the sellers Solicitor from 1953 which shows another drain running through the site. We have been advised it could be a land drain, this runs close to where we want to build our detached garage. we have spoken to today by a local developer, he has advised Us that he was offered the land a year ago and his architect advised him to stay away due to drain situation. I don’t understand what the problem could be if we’ve had a trace done? I don’t want to buy a piece of land that could either cost too much to build on or we won’t be able to build on. the land has been up for sale for a very long time (since 2013) and has fallen through a couple of times, I don’t know what more we can do to ensure there is nothing there that will cause us problems. tia
  6. I have been looking at nudura and isotex, completely different products yet I can’t work out why I would choose one over the other, other than the fact that isotex I would be Abel to fix things to the Inside walls easier?!
  7. sorry to jump on the post. Can I ask why you used nudura? We’re looking at icf and nudura keeps coming up as the one to choose.
  8. Hi, looking for experience and advice please, have been looking at ICF for our build, I’ve spoke to our builder who has use beko for a build before but have spent hours reading about the different systems and an no further towards making a decision! I’m hoping that those of you who have chosen or have used one of the systems will be able to advise me on which system you have used and why and whether you would use it again. Tia
  9. Thank you for your comments. The architect has now come back with a new design which I will attach now, do you think this works better? We lose more of the utility than I would have liked but that was how he has redesigned it for now! There was a concern about head height in the wc that’s why he has moved it into the utility to give us the balustrade at the top. We lose some of the space going into the bedrooms now though, is this the best compromise?
  10. Oh wow that’s really good news! I was promised a call back from SP on weds, it didn’t happen. Hoping I will have an answer by Monday. We’ve had it agreed thankfully with the owner of the land we can go through her garden once we’ve exhausted everything else with SP but that really ideal for her and the lane would be better for us for cost.
  11. Can I ask how long ago you did this please and who the electricity provider was? SP have told me up until 3 years ago it was fine and now their way leave dept won’t agree to it as their liable of any owner does turn up and tell them to take it out. Water had no issue at all and haven’t been in contact with Bt yet tbh that’s my next job! we have checked on the owners deeds this weekend and we definitely have right of access and the road was owned up until 1931 and then doesn’t seem to transfer over on the next sale after that. thank you so much for your response really helpful!
  12. Bedroom 2 shouldn’t have had the wardrobes there the architect put them in my mistake backing on to the master. Do you think taking that space and using it as a dressing room would be enough room? Incase you can’t tell I’m really struggling with understanding where things will and won’t work, first timer!
  13. That was what I was thinking, so glad that’s what you recommend. Do you think the stairs will feel enclosed with that design? Do you think the stairs need to come forward to have the balustrades as a bit of a feature or would you not bother?
  14. Hoping for some advice from experience here please. The original plan that was drawn we couldn’t fit a wc under the stairs because of the headroom, so the architect has moved the stairs forward to fit a wc but I’m really worried the stairs will feel enclosed now, o originally had a glass balustrade idea for the top but I also want a wc under the stairs. Any ideas what we could do or any alternative designs you would think would work better? the back room I want to stay the same size if we can I want a large area at the back of the house. thank you
  15. Hi, I’m looking for some advice please, we are currently looking to buy a plot of land on an unadopted road. The land is the second half of a garden that is too big for the owner to maintain. We have spoken with sp energy networks who originally advised us that as we don’t know who owns the toad they would put up a motive for 28 days and if nobody cane forward we would just need to pay a £1,000 easement charge and the work could go ahead, now I have been told that they can’t do the work on the road without the owners consent. The land registry has been checked there is no owner on there. I’m currently waiting for a property on the other side of the road to check their deeds. I’m clutching at straws but hoping that someone may have been in a similar situation and managed to either get the electric laid on the unadopted road or managed to find an owner. The only other option is to go through the garden of the owner of the land but I haven’t broached that subject yet as it’s a last resort! Tia