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  1. Can I PM members? If so, how? I'd like opinions of members regarding possible installers within a practical range of north Bristol, think M4/M5 junction, and that may transgress the forum T&Cs if I did it on here. (I'm asking for opinions because it has become apparent that you can be listed as an installer without having ever installed the equipment.) Fred
  2. The only appeal of SunAmp is its compactness because of the very limited space we have that cannot accommodate a full size tank, or something like a Mixergy (which reminds me of a 1960's Sadia water heater). I guess if SunAmp don't have a way of knowing how much of their phase change material is in its energy storing state then that's a problem I'm not going to be able to solve. Anybody do high density water? ?
  3. Hello Having read quite extensively on the use of an ASHP for heating, a SunAmp unit for hot water and a solar PV diversion, I'm wondering whether its the equipment or the control system that's the problem. I appreciate that, if you buy, for example, a SunAmp heat store and they also supply a controller, then, if it doesn't work it is the whole thing that is identified as unreliable. (Similarly for the ASHP and PV Diverter) What I'm hoping for is a better understanding of where the problems lie. I've used a German made boiler controller which has never given a problem, but setting it up was a nightmare. It was too easy to set it up wrongly. What is the experience with the control systems? Which ones work most reliably?
  4. Thanks for the welcome folks. My preference for SunAmp over a storage water heater is primarily its compactness and efficiency. Getting rid of gas is a mix of reducing emissions and, theoretically making better use of our solar PV. Perhaps I just feel more at home with electrical systems because of my background. But an all electrical system also makes control easier (for me anyway). All but one of our radiators have remote controlled valves with individual room thermostats. We also have an electric car, and the aim is to get on a "smart" tariff. Bear in mind that as both of us are home all day and elderly we don't conform to the statistical average for energy use. Fred
  5. Hi. I'm a retired (10 years) electrical/electronics engineer and IT Lecturer with too much curiosity probably. I have a 1950's house with upgraded insulation and I'm looking to replace my combi boiler and get rid of gas. A Sunamp unit for hot water and an ASHP for heating are favoured, the idea being to use off peak electricity and installed solar PV to the maximum and minimise emissions etc. Green Home grant and RHI under investigation. Only a shallow knowledge of plumbing, heating and ventilation, so I'm on a steep learning curve. In my early 70s I'm having to get others to do things for me as my DIY capabilities decrease. Very frustrating!
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