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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, in the end I just went for batten and counter batten. The architect said I could use strips of 9mm ply as the batten if I wanted to, but in the end I relented. With the thickness of the batten, counter batten and tiles, the soffits were starting to look a bit small, but I think on reflection they are ok.
  2. I am covering my timber frame with tile hanging on the first floor and render on the ground floor. I want to get the tiles as close to the face of the timber frame as permitted by building control. I believe the standard detail is to batten and counter batten with 25x38mm battens. This will mean the inner face of the tiles are 50mm off the timber frame - is there any way to reduce this without falling foul of building control?
  3. Remarkably, I have someone in Farnham who doesn't cost the earth. She charges £36 an hour and I have only ever used her on an hourly rate so not sure if she would do a fixed price. PM me and I will pass on her details. Andy
  4. I used Brian Peacock of Gurney consultants who have done plenty of work with Nudura if that helps...
  5. I would issue a deemed discharge notice....
  6. I would be tempted to get another EPC - Some of the assessors are paid less than £25 for do the survey (after the middlemen get their fees), which considering they have to travel there and back, so the assessment, submit it into the accreditation schemes software, issue an invoice and pay accreditation scheme fees means some inevitably take short cuts to make a living wake. And second time around, you may have a bit more evidence to show them to correct some of their assumptions or at least know where you need to convince them. And yes, I do have experience of the industry!:-)
  7. I think there were certain things missing out of that build cost such as landscaping, and anything else they could think of until they came down to a figure they thought was close enough to their original budget. Must have been a £1m build cost including landscaping. Don't forget the £10k on trees, car park/tennis court, £70k on pond etc etc! Reckon it was £658k for the shell.
  8. I don't know what DIY kitchens normal lead time is, but I placed my order last week and got a mid November delivery date, any later will cause me real issues. Just got an offer from them - if I delay my delivery to 2022 they will give me a 10% discount. sadly I can't take this offer. Don't think I have ever had a discount for taking delivery into the following year - normally it is buy now get a discount for a this month/year deal!
  9. There are different sizes depending on application and some come with a percentage of topsoil mixed in. I used it but ordered the wrong size, and they supplied it with topsoil mixed in by mistake. Great stuff, but double check size and mix - luckily it was their mistake so they had to pick up 10 cubic metres incorrectly delivered. We used Bourne Amenity as our supplier
  10. Doesn't it just? Now it makes sense... Gabions would work but I would not underestimate how hard it will be to move 50 tonnes by hand I would look at Criblock Retaining Walls - @mangersyou have the perfect space for them.
  11. I had 10 tonnes to shift about 30meters distance but 5m incline. My structural engineer recommended a lightweight solution as was worried about the weight of gabions on the back of the house. Thank god he did, the lightweight solution nearly broke me! Do you even need a retaining wall there - looks like it is for landscaping and is the bank stable enough as it is? If you do a sleeper wall would be so much easier to move - probably 100kg of material to move per linear meter vs 3 tonnes! I really would test moving a tonne of stone before you commit to moving 300 odd tonnes. That is a massive undertaking, really is. I had the same view as you regarding an alternative to the Gym but my solution ended up being a tonne but it was still no laughing matter!
  12. If the front of the Gabions aren't visible, why are you using gabions? Could you not use another solution? 150 bulk bags of material is a lot to move - I take it you can use machinery for it otherwise will be very time consuming to manhandle?
  13. There is a great document on the TRADA website which states standards. I have used this on multiple occasions to insist on standards. Have just found this clause 4.13.2 Acceptance of General Arrangement Drawings and connection details Acceptance by the Employer means that: the principal levels, dimensions and typical details shown on the General Arrangement Drawings are a correct interpretation of the design intent the principles adopted for the connection detailing are compatible with the design intent. Acceptance does not relieve the Timber Contractor of the responsibility for accuracy of the calculations and detail dimensions on the drawings, or the fitting together of parts to be assembled on Site. The Project Engineer will not undertake detailed checks of General Arrangement Drawings, connection details or calcula- tions. On the basis my contract with the timber frame company is subject to the standard TRADA terms, they are going to struggle to argue we are liable for their mistakes by not spotting them them up!
  14. So one issue I have is that I ordered Floor Joists at 400 centres and they have supplied at 600. Whilst they were clearly on the contract, they were on their final engineering drawings at 600, so their mistake. But can they reasonably claim it is my mistake for not spotting their mistake on the drawings? I only had 8 hours to review the drawings before it went into production.