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  1. I have the same problem, with the second fix being done in last December (2021). When do you think I should fill the gaps and fix the popped screws - this autumn, next spring or next Autumn - I only want to do it once!
  2. I used an interior designer and she was brilliant. She charged £60 for an hour visit and 2 hours follow up. I gave her the brief of Neptune look with Dunelm price, with some pieces from eBay. She was happy to review items I spotted on eBay and Facebook and use them if they fitted in. I got 4 beds and 2 sofas on eBay, she used mainly existing furniture with only a few new pieces then Dunelm curtain, lightshades and blinds apart from in the sitting room where she recommended bespoke curtains. The house was already decorated with kitchen in when she got involved.
  3. I have just had someone private message me to say they have been waiting 4 months for their plans to be checked. They really are a shambles.
  4. HI There Is any one else having issues with Approved Consultants - Buildzone seem to subcontract their warranty and building control inspections to them. I have found them to be an absolute nightmare from start to finish, cannot count how many mistakes they have made, delays they have introduced. I cannot believe it is just me!
  5. Very much so. I would speak to the CIL team at your council and explain what you plan to do and whether they consider it commencing development. Follow it up with an email, and if you have agreement with them of what you plan, then I think you would be safe. It is after all their interpretation that counts.
  6. +2 to the Delonghi You can buy it from Costco too if you are a member Had mine for 3-4 years and services a family with 10 cups or so a day.
  7. I am not sure that is a safe assumption, if you want to get clarity on build cost, ground conditions is one of the first to get sorted. A call to building control and or a ground survey would be time and money well spent. Otherwise your answers make me think £2000-£2500 is a more reasonable build cost...
  8. This does seem like a high build cost for the design but some points to clarify What are you looking at for material choices for outside walls, roof, windows etc? Zinc roof, trendy cladding and fancy windows will push the cost up and set the tone for the choice and cost of materials for the rest of the build. What are your ground conditions like? (phone the local building control - they will have an idea if you don't know) Any access or other constraints that will add time and complexity to the build How close to the boundary are you building?
  9. If you have decent internet then you don't need an arial - I haven't had an arial for 5 years and I only have marginal internet (20Mb) which may not be good for some but with 4 kids it is not for us! Some of my neighbours have put in 4G internet and get 45Mbs and one has Skylink and gets over 100Mb and typically 150Mb - 4G is not much more than the cost of regular broadband. Skylink is £89 a month I think. If you have internet, no arial required. About 6 years ago one of the trendy millennials at work asked me quizzically "do you watch linear TV?". I have to say, I now know what he meant and don't watch it anymore!
  10. I would go straight to appeal and not waste any time with the local planners. And ask for costs as their decision looks to be meritless on what you have shared. Bloody planners.
  11. A great thread, really inspiring. Am pleased to say, I won't go over two skips worth of rubbish for my entire build including demolishing two garages and building a 240sqm house. I separated all wood into sub 40cm sections and filled builders bulk bags which with larger bits and pallets all went relatively quickly on Freecycle and Facebook. All cardboard, drinks bottles, cans - put out with the neighbours fortnightly recycling collections - the rubbish collectors happily took up to 3 clear bin liners of recycling. Sold any excess materials - even managed to sell the attached for 99p, but the buyer demolished and collected it. One mans trash is another mans treasure! Another thing to note is not to have a skip on site if you can avoid it - as they fill up so quickly and so difficult to control, I only have bulk bags on site for rubbish, which really helps with recycling.
  12. I used them and absolutely love them. At half the price of the cheapest wooden windows and virtually indistinguishable I think they are a bargain! If you want to have a look I am in Farnham, Surrey
  13. I think there are a few big influences in build costs which are ground conditions, is it a level plot, house design (simple = cheap complex or cutting edge = expensive), level of your involvement, and standard of finish. Materials I believe are roughly half the cost of the build so no matter how cheaply you buy them you can only influence half the cost of build and any delays/quality issues are going to influence the labour cost. I am on second fix and one of the challenges of going direct to manufacturers that I see is the lack of major purchases - most are relatively small. The only purchases I have made over £1000 so far are Timber frame, windows, kitchen, bricks, staircase -all direct from manufacturer Reinforcing mesh, concrete, roof lantern, insulation, boiler, skirtings, internal doors, tiles - all from various suppliers (generally online) - only totalling £20k I did order a chandelier from China at a cost of £400 vs retail of £1800! Buildcost so far is £320k on a overall budget of £400k
  14. I would phone the council and ask them how long a pre app takes - in Waverley it takes longer than an application, in East Hants it is 3-4 weeks.
  15. Since doing the plan, it all looks different once excavation is complete. There is on one ramp out the front now, and that is the one running parallel to the front steps. Everywhere immediately surrounding the house is level.
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