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  1. I am going through this at the moment and it is fun isn't it?! I have to get three neighbours to agree. In my case the water company is happy to do the work without wayleaves but will stop if anyone objects, the gas company have asked me to get the neighbours to sign the wayleaves and won't discuss connection until the wayleaves are signed and the electric company has booked the work in and has approached the neighbours directly. None have refused to sign yet, but none have signed and am treading a careful line to get them to sign. Like you, I have a right but enforcing that right is a different matter. If you have the right and they deny it (by not signing), I guess it is sadly a case to get a lawyer involved. It must be a relatively common occurrence so there must be a standard approach to get it resolved. Will be interesting to see if anyone on the forum has had experience of how to enforce this right.
  2. I have just completed on an Ecology mortgage and we have a local conveyancing firm who acted for me - they charged £500 plus vat and £40 plus vat for the bank transfer fee. I would recommend them. I can message you the details or if it is acceptable can post them on here (I am not sure if we are allowed to post recommendations like this?)
  3. I have a proposal for my MVHR system from BPC and there are two options for radial ducting - their standard and premium kits. The premium kit contacts an upgrade to "German" ducting, Airflex plenums, airflow pro air valve, attentuation kit, MVHR coupling kit. Do you think it is worth paying the extra £490 for this upgraded spec of ducting or are these things "nice to haves"? Thanks Andy
  4. Some great information on this thread. I am currently chasing a timber frame supplier - is so hard to chose! Has anyone come across Paramount Timber Frame? Andy
  5. On our build we poured over 5m (when I say we I mean the professionals did) - this was for the second floor and the apex up to the roof ridge - 6m I seem to recall. At the time (three years ago) the woodcrete people I was talking to were recommending 1.2m poor maximum height.
  6. Ok, for what it is worth, I built with Nudura but went a long way down the line with one of the woodcrete solutions. My issue was I couldn't find a local builder who would use the woodcrete solution, but could find 3 people who would use Nudurra. A couple of points worth mentioning - with Nudurra you can pour a much higher level than with the woodcrete blocks and with £500 odd for a concrete pump depending on which one you need there could be a significant saving there. The engineer had completed the structural calcs with the woodcrete and had to redo 30% of the initial work to respecify for Nudura. The Nudura blocks are fragile and we lost a few through damage on site - I suspect the woodcrete ones are much more robust. The woodcrete system we looked at had an option for a floor system which in hindsight would have been a much much better solution for us that the hollowcore floor solution we used for Nudura. The woodcrete floor solution needs lots of props sure, but a small cost compared to the cost of a hollowcore floor! Be very careful with your "quotes" from the suppliers - they are estimates - ours was out by quite a bit - 15%, which once you have purchased, the old "it was only an estimate" line was used and whilst the supplier helped, we were still out of pocket £2k mainly due to minor damage on site meaning the incorrectly specified panels not being able to be returned. Make sure you check them line by line and know exactly what you are buying and it is what you need - it is not easy as I had 20 odd line items on my quotes of supplier specific terminology.
  7. Hi Bitpipe A very interesting post - please can you tell me what uValue you had for your walls and did you go double or triple glazed. Can you remember your airtightness result too? Thanks! Andy
  8. Hi DavidO, this is really interesting. Please can you tell me what uValues you had on your wall and did you have double or triple glazing? Thanks! Andy
  9. Thanks for all of the feedback, is really helpful and as recommended will go for a gas boiler! Thanks once again Andy
  10. So, I have been quoted £600 by SGN to get gas connected to my new build (240SQM). If I understand correctly the RHI ends at the end of Feb this year, and I am only just starting construction so will be way too late to qualify if I have understood this correctly. In which case, it would seem to me to be much, much more cost effective from an upfront perspective to go for a gas boiler, or am I missing something? I only intend to live in the house for three years until I have cleared my CIL liability. What are your thoughts? Andy
  11. Hi There Please can you help - we are building a traditional style house and need clay roof tiles and trying to decide between hand made and machine made - and "machine made, hand finished". Any suggestions on suppliers to chose and what we should expect to pay? Thanks Andy
  12. Interestingly enough a couple of those reviews on google are from people who seem to live in Spain, so not sure how reliable they are!
  13. They are cheap for the u value they are quoting, I am not looking for a particularly low u value, so happy with that aspect. They are just quite a bit cheaper than the other (two) quotes I have, but there does not seem to be any feedback on the hub for them.
  14. Hi there, I am currently getting quotes for Timber Frames and have a price from Solo Timber Frame, which is very competitive. Has anyone any experience of using them? Thanks