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  1. II've worked out what VCL stands for, could someone please explain to a non-builder what OSB and PIR mean? thank you! 🤔
  2. @Ferdinand now you've got me worried I don't use hydroponics but I do use an awful lot of horse muck gives a whole new meaning to what my friends say my cooking tastes like ... 🤮
  3. @Ferdinandbecause you clever people actually BUILD things, even if you cut off bits of yourself and get attacked by venomous reptiles in doing so I just get hijacked by builders who charge me megabucks to trash my garage (although I did once sew through my finger with a sewing machine ...) stick to gardening, then you can shove a fork through your foot, cut off your fingers with secateurs, poke your eye out with a garden cane, electrocute yourself cutting the mower cable ... 😫
  4. @AnonymousBosch I reckon you can be very clear minded about having a death wish! I don't read most of the threads because I don't understand what they are about, this one looked fairly understandable - GAAAAHHHHH!
  5. OMG why did I look at this? why don't I stick to garage disasters & green walls of herbs? YOU ARE ALL COMPLETELY NUTS!!!!
  6. @Ferdinand yes I have thought about it, I want to be able to move things around until I get an idea of where the sun hits & when, the brick wall will act as a radiator so I need to find out if things bake in hot weather my fencing chap is very ingenious and if I want a permanent planter he will come back and do that up till now I've been fighting ivy, brambles & ground elder (as well as slugs & snails) crowding through the fence every year so I haven't used the space much before
  7. @Ferdinand only if slugs don't eat them - I've got about an inch of soil over builders rubble so I put some raised beds in with decent soil, the slugs round here must use stepladders, they get everything even when I put copper rings round bean seedlings but I do very well with this sun-loving crop! this is what happens when the conservatory gets too hot
  8. my garden faces almost due south, very hot in summer I'm not much of a garden-sitter but one of those who plonks down with a cuppa and 5 mins later sees something that needs doing, and there wasn't anywhere to do that out of full sun, that part starts to get shade by early afternoon so the seat my idea, but design down to my clever fence builder however, much more important @Ferdinand peas don't like hot & dry so a couple of deep troughs either side and more temperate - we'll see!
  9. @Ferdinand looks a useful orientation, I guess you get some afternoon sun when it's higher in the sky, and not directly on to the wall you're planting, that's good if you wanted to try some veg, I'd stick with the wall idea for things that don't need too much root space and can be replaced fairly often, then get a small veg trug to sit under it I can't grow anything except tomatoes in mine in the summer, but I'm kicking myself into action now by sowing an indoor window box with rocket this afternoon! thanks for the idea and it's lovely to be able to post something on this site in return for all the useful info everyone has given me in connection with my garage disaster focussing on the positive, my attached neighbour is building a massive extension that puts a brick wall immediately outside my conservatory, as I am not like you clever lot on here and can't do it myself, I got my fencing chap to build a sort of 'pergola' last week so I can grow a 'green wall' of my own (great minds thinking alike) the idea is to put planters on the gravel base and grow climbing things, starting with peas, up canes, and to hang baskets from the top trailing down, there are some super cherry tomatoes you can grow in baskets, roll on summer!
  10. @Ferdinand I wouldn't try any of the Mediterranean herbs: basil, oregano/marjoram, thyme & so on, they like heat & sun and the shrubby sort like rosemary (good you don't like it much) will need more root space than the small pods, so will any of the tap root types like parsley/dill I'd go for microherbs/greens, you can buy packs of mixed seed and see what does best: my first choice would be rocket, you can cut the leaves when they are really small and still get a lovely peppery kick to a salad, and peas for the shoots, you can keep re-sowing them what a great initiative to use a bit of spare space! I've written about my mouldy conservatory in another thread and I'd never be without one, mine is south facing and hot as hell in summer, but I had tomatoes (in a pot) right up to Christmas, it's down to finding the right plants for the conditions best of luck!
  11. most herbs like lots of light, if you can put a light source in there you will get better results I know lots more about gardening than building 😉
  12. MaryM

    Damp Walls

    @Big Jimbo it's pretty ancient, I bought the house in 2014, sellers said conservatory was built before they bought it in 2003, but structurally sound apart from the roof when I bought it I had the roof replaced, it was polycarbonate with holes in so I had a new glass roof, would be prob 2015 the mould in there doesn't worry me as I can wash it off (but I will start wearing a mask when I do that), but seeing that photo at the start of this thread and reading the dementia stuff does, because I couldn't clean up a plasterboard wall same way on the outside, more worrying if it's underneath and you don't know it's there @andyscotland gave me lots of advice about this on my original thread, damp/condensation/timber rot, but I hadn't considered the black mould risk
  13. MaryM

    Damp Walls

    thanks @ProDave I've been in touch with Knauf Technical and they said the same, I just didn't understand what 'lining the boxes' meant the trouble is a lot of the plasterboarding has been done and my builder isn't willing to take it down to put in a vapour barrier I have an unheated conservatory that gets filthy with black mould every winter, it's easy to clean off, I've just done some of it and ended up with a bucket of filthy black water but if it was plasterboarded over I wouldn't be able to do that could I expect to get this from cold brickwork under plasterboard?
  14. MaryM

    Damp Walls

    currently having a row with builder over a few things, including insulation he has put in my integral garage the external wall is single brick with damp course, the floor has no damp protection he has built a timber stud frame, connected direct to the floor & wall, the spaces between are filled with Knauf cavity slabs, no vapour barriers or sheathing to protect the timber then plasterboarded over and the joint sealed I am alarmed to find this might cause mould growth and at my advanced age, although many people would say I am already somewhat demented, could put me at increased risk of the genuine article looking at the photo at the top of this thread, is it likely my garage will end up like that? it's used as utility/garden workshop space and visited frequently, the washer & utility sink are in there (or will be if it's ever finished) photo of unfinished insulation, I've already been advised on another thread this is not good, what do people think about the specific mould risk?
  15. @AnonymousBosch not patronising in the least and the quote above an interesting approach! I do know quite a bit about invoicing for building work, by virtue of doing the accounts for this particular builder for 6 years, 9 years ago he begged me to help out as he was 3 years behind filing tax/VAT returns, I computerised his records and bashed out & filed 3 years' returns one after the other, recovered a stack of cash he'd had to pay on account to both Inland Revenue and Customs & Excise, then continued working for him managing his trade & client accounts, CIS for his subbies, tax and VAT, and as signatory to his bank account, everything was done with absolute accuracy, transparency and on time. I am accountable to the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and have to conduct myself to the highest standards of business ethics, he knows that and accordingly knows I do not bend or break rules, he relied on my professional expertise for all that time and I never let him down, which is why I'm so disappointed he's let me down and won't talk about putting things right I did encounter every one of the 'unusual' invoicing practices you list, it caused a lot of bust-ups because I wouldn't allow presentation of fudged invoices or pay fudged requests from subbies, but I stuck to my guns to protect him because if he had a Revenue or VAT inspection (both of which I have managed many times for clients) I know how much detail is required and said his records must be squeaky clean because of trouble when he allowed incompetent people to present costings that didn't stand up, I set up a thorough cost accounting system for him and de-fused a couple of disputes with very annoyed clients, I thought he had learned from this but it seems not, I was treated as 'unreasonable' when I asked for details of what lump-sum invoices I'd paid were actually for copy of a clip from a statement he sent me in connection with my disputed work, you may be able to see why I don't rely on his numbers! I stopped working for him 3 years ago because he'd taken on another incompetent person who couldn't work out 20% VAT and I couldn't stand any more grief, I'm now pushing 70 and not as strong-minded as when I'm working, so the incredibly helpful support I've had from this forum is more useful than I can express, thank you to everyone who's made suggestions and I am taking every and all advice on board in trying to formulate a response, apologies if I've repeated myself and bored anyone who's read my other threads, the worry is not doing my lucidity a lot of good