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  1. I'll watch this with interest. The Octopus blog post makes a great point: "When energy companies provide you with fixed prices, they’re essentially offering insurance policies. ... If a customer is happy to accept variable pricing, they’ll probably save money in the long run through simply not having to pay for the insurance." In the meantime, there's Utility Point, which charges based on a month-by-month average of the wholesale price. The tariff is called FlexiOnlineTracker (I signed up @Coopers and me yesterday, so I can't exactly make a recommendation!) The rate for last month here in RG27 was 11.3529p/kWh. The standing charge is 11.02p/day. The rate is based on N2EX auction prices: they take an average price for each day and use those to calculate an average price for the month. (There's also a version for gas, but we're in the boonies.)
  2. My Nightmare Heating System

    Amazon tip: Every time it doesn't arrive by the Prime-guaranteed delivery date, complain. You'll get an extra month of Prime. Easiest is to use this form to email Indian CS: Also, set a default "safe place" for deliveries while you're out. That should still be honoured by all carriers and so isn't an excuse for non-delivery (unless it's something that requires a signature, like alcohol): (click Edit on your address and scroll down).
  3. Just a note to clarify that Three's app-less VoIP only works with a limited number of phones (and you have to buy Three's version of that phone). Alternatively, Three has a VoIP app, called Three inTouch.
  4. previously on this topic:
  5. You took the words right out of my fingers...
  6. Unless someone else fiddles with it without your knowledge ;-)
  7. Bug report: Dupe replies

    Hmmm, possibly a race condition if the reply was on the last page when the compose started, but additional comments were added while I was typing, which pushed it over to another page?
  8. I just replied to a comment on Page 3 of a 4-page thread. When I clicked the Submit button, it seemed like it hadn't heard my click. So I clicked it again. Result: a duplicate comment. Seems like there's a bug when replying to a comment that isn't on the final page.
  9. My Nightmare Heating System

    I was kinda assuming the red pointer was set to indicate the maximum recommended pressure. No?
  10. My Nightmare Heating System

    Um, what the heck is that at 6.5 bar pressure???
  11. Unpleasant Discharge!

    I may be thinking too simplistically, but are you actually asking for confirmation that you've discharged the condition, or are you merely notifying them?
  12. Praise for a good product

    Stairbox also worth a look
  13. Carbon Air Filter

    Here's the one I just bought for my Berstrøm recirculating hood (it just came with some useless foam filters): -- seems well made, but no idea yet if it's actually removing any smell!
  14. Carbon Air Filter

    "CarboAir™ 100 has been developed to filter very high concentrations of VOCs from larger grow rooms." Do I detect a wink-wink in that sentence? Anyway, I'm sure @JSHarris will be along in a moment to outline a homebrew solution containing fish-tank granules
  15. Loft Insulation Grants

    Well, I signed up on the site for a callback. Someone called at about 7pm from a mobile number, but I couldn't understand a word he was saying. I kept asking him who was calling, but I never heard a company name. I eventually heard the word "insulation" somewhere in the jumble of words, so I guess that was my callback. Presumably he gave up trying to make himself understood, because he hung up on me.