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  1. I'm now two years into my whole-house Combimate installation (which reminds me: It's time to buy new phosphate balls). I'd call it a qualified success. In a hard water area like this (north Hampshire), it makes it easier to clean the taps and things. The calcium doesn't stick, nor make crusty deposits. It's not magic, but it's a lot less bulky and expensive than a softener. Running costs: The phosphate-ball refill costs £25/year. Perhaps £50 if you used enough water to justify replacing them twice a year. £0 in waste water for regeneration, of course.
  3. richi

    16mm SWA

    He's here all week. Try the veal.
  4. About emptying septic tanks: I was always told that, so long as you don't poison it or flush things that don't biodegrade, a septic system shouldn't ever need pumping out or desludging. Discuss.
  5. coughbullshitcough. Alternatively, “They would say that, wouldn’t they?”
  6. The first house had a single row of PV panels all the way along the ridge, no?
  7. Today's Plusnet isn't what it was.
  8. @lizzie and @JSHarris to be absolutely fair to Halcyan: Their marcomm uses a different definition of "soft" to Jeremy's. Whether or not you agree, that's presumably a position they think they can defend under UK law and regulatory practice. If you dig down far enough into their website, there's a white paper that clearly admits they don't know how it works. Hence, presumably, the pseudo-scientific arm-wavery. Now, neither of those points lets me forgive the company for spamming this group with pseudo-science. But I'm perfectly willing to believe that it does do a similar job as phosphate dosing (but somehow using metal discs instead dosing with phosphate). In other words, Liz says it seems to precipitate out the calcium in a way that doesn't stick, just like my Combimate does. And that's cool.
  9. Another satisfied Combinmate user here. Indeed, I think I started this thread years ago 😉
  10. @JSHarris do I recall you added an ozone generator? If so, do you still use it?
  11. Amex Preferred Rewards Gold Credit Card: 20,000 MR points (converts 1:1 to Avios or Virgin) when you spend £2,000 in first three months. No fee in first year. Get an additional £10 kickback with this link (which might also make my favourite dog-rescue charity a few pennies):
  12. I'm late returning to this thread. Sorry to hear about the mishap. But no need to apologise to me, nor to @Coopers.