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  1. Amex Preferred Rewards Gold Credit Card: 20,000 MR points (converts 1:1 to Avios or Virgin) when you spend £2,000 in first three months. No fee in first year. Get an additional £10 kickback with this link (which might also make my favourite dog-rescue charity a few pennies):
  2. richi

    Solar Thermal From Scrap...AGAIN!

    I'm late returning to this thread. Sorry to hear about the mishap. But no need to apologise to me, nor to @Coopers.
  3. richi

    Supply from mains or from tank?

    That one needs a dedicated supply. It's the 5.7 kW version. But there is a 3.3 kW, which I think you could put on an existing ring or radial. We like the Stiebel Eltron gear. I put a similar one in the new kitchen (albeit a version you can use with any tap). The ones I linked above need to be switched via the tap itself.
  4. richi

    Supply from mains or from tank?

    That's what I did in our extension, and what I'm doing in the new utility/loo. In the latter, I'm putting in an under-sink tankless electric heater, to avoid long waits for hot water. I'm using a Stiebel Eltron system, with this heater: and this tap:
  5. richi

    Quinetic Switches

    Ahhhh, brain-fart, sorry
  6. richi

    Quinetic Switches

    I think you're talking about 2-way "retractive" switches. Something like ?
  7. Was this the Canadian test of surface tension?
  8. OK, OK, "unfair" was harsh, sorry. But a layman like me knew what she meant by "precipitate" in that context. As for the other uses of the word "soft", "softened", "softer", etc.—you got 'er banged to rights guv'nor, an' no mistake. I'd just prefer it if we kept the discussion centred on a spirit of collegial enquiry, that's all. It's not as if any of us is likely to plonk down a grand for these magic beans, but it would be wonderful if we could come to a reasoned conclusion—rather than to have this discussion come to a screeching halt because @Polly concludes we're... I dunno... trolling her?
  9. Bzzt. Unfair. The phrase used is "the benefits of ... softer water" (emphasis mine).
  10. Bzzt. Unfair. While there may be a strict definition of the verb "precipitate" you're thinking of, in my mind, @Polly says the Aragonite is formed in suspension and 100% of it exits the device (as opposed to some of it staying in there and clogging it up).
  11. Instead of 2&E in conduit, could you use SWA cable? Probably a bit smaller.
  12. Has the inventor decided how it works yet?
  13. richi

    Battery Strimmer - Recommendations

    Timely, as our ancient 2-stroke needs imported parts to fix. Thanks for the recommendations, gang.
  14. I believe that what they mean by "softer" is actually "lower surface tension." But the data they present are all over the shop and don't seem to show a significant reduction (and definitely not the "dramatic" reduction claimed).
  15. Returning to the patent, the discussion specifically states that the inventor doesn't know why it works, and can only speculate. I guess this is why we're experiencing such a feeling of pseudoscience.