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  1. I used the Stiebel Eltron instant undersink unit:
  2. As a rather confused friend of mine once said, "It generates up to 4 kWh per hour." 😉
  3. Oh yes, good point, @Temp. Don't pay full price for the Combimate unit, nor the refills! FleaBay and Amazin' are your friends.
  4. A couple of years on, and we're still happy with the Combimate. As @Jeremy Harris rightly says, it doesn't soften the water, but it does seem to stop scale sticking to taps, etc.
  5. Rules of thumb and arm-waving begin: Oil costs about 7p/kWh after allowing for boiler efficiency ASHP costs about 4p/kWh assuming electricity at 12p/kWh and COP=3 But ASHP runs at lower flow temps, or COP decreases, making cost about the same as oil. So a retrofit is tricky, unless you already have oversized rads. That's my oversimplified way of looking at it, anyway. Happy to be told otherwise.
  6. I'm now two years into my whole-house Combimate installation (which reminds me: It's time to buy new phosphate balls). I'd call it a qualified success. In a hard water area like this (north Hampshire), it makes it easier to clean the taps and things. The calcium doesn't stick, nor make crusty deposits. It's not magic, but it's a lot less bulky and expensive than a softener. Running costs: The phosphate-ball refill costs £25/year. Perhaps £50 if you used enough water to justify replacing them twice a year. £0 in waste water for regeneration, of course.
  8. richi

    16mm SWA

    He's here all week. Try the veal.
  9. About emptying septic tanks: I was always told that, so long as you don't poison it or flush things that don't biodegrade, a septic system shouldn't ever need pumping out or desludging. Discuss.
  10. coughbullshitcough. Alternatively, “They would say that, wouldn’t they?”
  11. The first house had a single row of PV panels all the way along the ridge, no?
  12. Today's Plusnet isn't what it was.
  13. @lizzie and @JSHarris to be absolutely fair to Halcyan: Their marcomm uses a different definition of "soft" to Jeremy's. Whether or not you agree, that's presumably a position they think they can defend under UK law and regulatory practice. If you dig down far enough into their website, there's a white paper that clearly admits they don't know how it works. Hence, presumably, the pseudo-scientific arm-wavery. Now, neither of those points lets me forgive the company for spamming this group with pseudo-science. But I'm perfectly willing to believe that it does do a similar job as phosphate dosing (but somehow using metal discs instead dosing with phosphate). In other words, Liz says it seems to precipitate out the calcium in a way that doesn't stick, just like my Combimate does. And that's cool.
  14. Another satisfied Combinmate user here. Indeed, I think I started this thread years ago 😉