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  1. Its such a shame because I love the house but think I would always hate the pylon and worry about the health risks of it as well as the aesthetics. Thanks for your knowledge.
  2. Thank you for responses. The builder plans to finish it I think but we thought we would make an offer to finish instead. I'm disappointed but not surprised to read from ProDave that the chance of getting the pylon moved is about 0! This is the best photo I have unfortunately. But it has 3 cables.
  3. Good morning! I'm new to this group but it looks like a wealth of knowledge so I'm hoping to be able to glean some of it! My partner, who is a recently retired builder, and I are looking to buy our first house together and want a project! The house we are interested in is a new build but unfinished. What puts me off is a large old style steel electricity pylon (PV 70 it says?) that overshadow the house, although it is outside the boundary. The cables run over the land. There is also a wooden pole carrying HV cables i think, which is in the garden. I am trying to find out more about the feasibility of removing the steel pylon and putting the cables underground, but I haven't had much success yet! We don't know whether to put an offer in on the house or not because of this issue. My gut feeling is that it would be too expensive to get rid of the pylon. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of this? I'd be very grateful for thoughts. Thank you.
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