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  1. Stainless costs a small fortune that's before its worked on, unless you are a fabricator or have a very good friend who would do it for the love then not really a starter imho, (I am a fabricator BTW 😊) fiberglass can be fun to work with.
  2. Danny68

    Ground Investigation basement london

    Novice question 😁 is that just for the test drilling?
  3. This might help, When ever I hear of something I don't know about I look it up , so when I heard of upwork on this site I duly got to work on Google. Long story short its for freelance trades from around the world to offer their services. $6 an hour for an architect from the Philippines seems tempting :-). But more relevant was an architect technician who was charging $25 from Surrey who was referencing a riba practice that she freelanced for, may be a good way to get some drawings done without being fleeced.
  4. If you have old style ball valve and float (the screw on ball) then your need to Change the venturi, they come in high pressure and low pressure and cost about 50p. You will need an h/p one That will sort out the toilet. Very easy to change over especially on brass ball vales, if you have plastic then I'd just change the whole valve.
  5. Danny68

    Ballpark sips quote

    More research needed 😁
  6. Just reading an old thread for a sips quote all in fitted @£300+sqm. On that basis would I be right in thinking as an example 10m x 15m house would be around 45k. And would that be exterior/internal walls cielings roof but not internal doors or skirting. Or am in the wrong ballpark.
  7. Danny68

    Another newbie

    Hello one and all, just at the beginning of my self build journey,and although do not have anywhere to build yet have stumbled across this forum /resource and am already hooked, so much so I was up late last night reading about oak window ciels and the best way to set timber joists out 😁. For the time being I'll be like many I suspect just a voyeur to the blogs but when things start to move I'll most definitely be picking your brains. DANNY