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    I,m a qualified Dad, Plumber, London Black Taxi Driver, spent most of my working life making stuff out of mild steel in the familys metal works business , always dreamed of doing up a French barn but now seem to be doing the next best thing. Have bought a plot/house in Bromley Kent in May 2019.
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    Dagenham (it's horrible)

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  1. Danny68

    Dumper and a slope

    Cheers for that, just a little too far, 😁
  2. Danny68

    Dumper and a slope

    Onoff that would be handy, be good to get a measured opinion.
  3. Danny68

    Dumper and a slope

    I can live with mess cheers
  4. Danny68

    Dumper and a slope

    Any opinions on a small tractor and trailer as a better option say a kubota
  5. Danny68

    Dumper and a slope

    Got me thinking, it's only that there's a load of scrap at the bottom that I want to clear, once the build starts I'd only want to take stuff down and come back up empty.
  6. Danny68

    Dumper and a slope

    Thinking about buying a dumper (big boys Tonka toy) but am worried about the slope concensus of opinion is about 20' degrees but I think a little more. Question is I've seen quite a few dumpers for sale for around £1000 but have no idea whether they would have any trouble getting up the hill. I say this having nearly got a Nissan cabstar stuck down the bottom a few weeks ago. 😕
  7. Danny68

    Clearing the site

    Onoff I don't know the size, no doubt it's got it on it, but I'm not there until tomorrow night at the earliest to give you a size and I don't want nothing for it, to be honest icba putting it on eBay etc..
  8. Another satisfying weekend clearing the site, or should I say cutting it in to little bits so I can get rid of next week. P. S any one want a plastic diesal tank 😁
  9. Would that need routine treatment or just once when pre fitting
  10. What's the life expectancy of larch, very nice btw
  11. Danny68

    Critique my foundation detail please

    Don't be sorry I'm learning new construction methods every week on bh, it would have just added to the list. 😁
  12. Danny68

    Critique my foundation detail please

    Sorry off topic again, when you say cladding straight to the frame, do you mean via battens.
  13. Danny68

    Drive matting

    If you have loads of sqm to do, it's worth looking on Alibaba, that's unless you're an echo warrior in which case not great for your carbon footprint 😁