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    I,m a qualified Dad, Plumber, London Black Taxi Driver, spent most of my working life making stuff out of mild steel in the familys metal works business , always dreamed of doing up a French barn but now seem to be doing the next best thing. Have bought a plot/house in Bromley Kent in May 2019.
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  1. Danny68

    Cost of a cube

    Thanks , I think I'll go belt and braces on mine seeing as it's on sloping ground
  2. Danny68

    Cost of a cube

    Did you use fibres instead of rebar or as well as .
  3. Another option for anyone else doing this is to buy a 3 part syphon, you can pick them up for a less than a tenner, that way it makes servicing in the future a 3 minute job, and it will only cost a £1 for a new syphon washer.
  4. Yes Dave an inspection chamber, I will have a proper look when I go back over there, cnba today to clear it off and have a proper look.
  5. So i open the phone up 3 replies blinding I thought we got some intelligent folk on here, then the realization that you all been out in the sun too long 😉. It looks like a breather pipe but for what I do not know.
  6. Found this today while cutting a dead tree down, who else has one and what is it please 😁
  7. Cheers for that, just a little too far, 😁
  8. Onoff that would be handy, be good to get a measured opinion.
  9. I can live with mess cheers
  10. Any opinions on a small tractor and trailer as a better option say a kubota
  11. Got me thinking, it's only that there's a load of scrap at the bottom that I want to clear, once the build starts I'd only want to take stuff down and come back up empty.
  12. Thinking about buying a dumper (big boys Tonka toy) but am worried about the slope concensus of opinion is about 20' degrees but I think a little more. Question is I've seen quite a few dumpers for sale for around £1000 but have no idea whether they would have any trouble getting up the hill. I say this having nearly got a Nissan cabstar stuck down the bottom a few weeks ago. 😕