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    I,m a qualified Dad, Plumber, London Black Taxi Driver, spent most of my working life making stuff out of mild steel in the familys metal works business , always dreamed of doing up a French barn but now seem to be doing the next best thing. Have bought a plot/house in Bromley Kent in May 2019.
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  1. We need photos of lintel in situ to see your concerns , very unlikely your builder would put the wrong spec Lintel/ damaged in place when he knows a bco would flag it up.
  2. Your builder quoted you for 100mm insulation but the bco has agreed to 50mm , so in that case you can assume ( check with builder) the insulation didn't go under the 100mm slab . In that case you have a little leverage in the quote he's given you due to the reduced cost of floor insulation.
  3. We get our galvanized steel picked up and back in 2 days ( wedge group) others are available 😄 , if you go down this route your steel can be a little rusty but no paint on it .Painted or very rusty steel will need shot blasting which will be additional cost.
  4. That particular valve is not compliant anymore ,not enough air gap
  5. Danny68

    Cost of a cube

    Thanks , I think I'll go belt and braces on mine seeing as it's on sloping ground
  6. Danny68

    Cost of a cube

    Did you use fibres instead of rebar or as well as .
  7. Another option for anyone else doing this is to buy a 3 part syphon, you can pick them up for a less than a tenner, that way it makes servicing in the future a 3 minute job, and it will only cost a £1 for a new syphon washer.
  8. Yes Dave an inspection chamber, I will have a proper look when I go back over there, cnba today to clear it off and have a proper look.
  9. So i open the phone up 3 replies blinding I thought we got some intelligent folk on here, then the realization that you all been out in the sun too long 😉. It looks like a breather pipe but for what I do not know.
  10. Found this today while cutting a dead tree down, who else has one and what is it please 😁
  11. Cheers for that, just a little too far, 😁
  12. Onoff that would be handy, be good to get a measured opinion.
  13. I can live with mess cheers
  14. Any opinions on a small tractor and trailer as a better option say a kubota