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  1. Danny68

    Wrong Floor!

    You buy a BMW 5 series car a 3 series turns up, you tell the dealer you want what you ordered are you going to accept its not an option ? They've messed up why compromise? On a more practical note and one you should consider I for my sins own a 2 bedroom 1990's shoebox that I rent out the chipboard floor collapsed by the front door and hall way through nothing more than foot traffic.If you settle for second best now your be paying in the future be it creaking floor, acoustics etc..
  2. Danny68

    Glazing costs .... OUCH!

    I'd want it in gold leaf for that price.
  3. I'm still trying to get over that £800 for that beam the guy had, I need to up my prices 😁
  4. Danny68

    Drainage connection

    Just thinking, possibly drop new man hole in line plastic jobby with access branch then drop shaft ?
  5. Danny68

    Drainage connection

    Thanks for all the replies, And great illustration of the drop shaft. I don't believe there's any other manholes on the site and I imagine that because the chap declined mains drainage the water company didn't bother putting any capped access branch in place for future use.
  6. Danny68

    Drainage connection

    Yes, it's a live drain and pretty sure the previous chap didn't connect and if he did he's done it illegally and without any manholes, until I finally get my hands on the keys I won't be able to chuck some tissue down and flush the toilet to see if it is . Has got a light weight cast lid its in the back garden so only foot traffic. Connect before the manhole 6 inch branch reduced down n to 4 Is that correct ?
  7. Danny68

    Drainage connection

    Kasplosh not an option 😁
  8. Danny68

    Drainage connection

    The plot I hope to purchase #gettingcloser has a drain running through it at the back (was laid in the 70's) but the previous owner was too tight to get it connected, it transpires he was too tight to get his septic tank cleaned out also but that's another story, I digress anyway on investigating over the weekend I measured that the drain is just over 6ft down, any ideas on the way I'm going to have to connect.
  9. Danny68

    Step cracking

    Don't cut corners, get a survey done, every major problem starts with a small crack.
  10. Danny68

    What does this even mean?

    Would it be wise to tackle potential problems before they arise, eg present a bat survey with your planning application I say this because not 100mtrs from my plot I see that the development near by had to have a bat survey on their planning conditions admittedly a bigger site.
  11. Danny68

    What does this even mean?

    Probably the best bit of advice I'm likely to receive "prep your site so there is nothing to find"
  12. Danny68

    What can I have?

    I think the way forward is talking to the council and getting them on board early doors at least I won't get my fingers burnt with regards to buying a dud.
  13. Danny68

    What can I have?

    Maybe I'm taking too much on perceived logic and trust, but the fact it's had oil (old tank in place) at one time and now has a Worcester Bosch gas boiler and even a small extension on the building plus 2 chimney stacks made me believe it wasn't an issue of letting me rebuild but more a case of how big I would be allowed (not that I want a mansion). The funny thing is the place resembles a scrap yard in many places and I'm quite prepared and looking forward to declutter the place and bring the land back to its natural habitat
  14. Danny68

    What can I have?