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  1. Thanks for the comments @Ferdinand & @Temp I will post a sketch of the site later when I am back but it is heartening to hear positive thoughts. We are going to try and get legal advice booked in next week hopefully. I think I may well put a hold on the planning application until I am certain we wont have any problems as I have another access route that may be possible. It would cost a bit as a strip of land would need to be bought from a neighbour in another direction and we would need to talk to the planners again about access. Ref getting the services to site, they would all reach our bit of the garden through the inlaws garden so the lane would only be used for vehicle access. Will post more later Chris
  2. This will teach me to be flippant, the nobody road we thought no body owned is actually owned by 2 people!!. If this is better to be placed as either a new thread or in another section I would be happy for admins to move it as necessary @AdminSo my question is does this ownership create a ransom strip or not? I can give a bit of back ground to help any possible answers. Use of the road and access to houses and land off it has been freely available to all households since at least 1974, this is the date my in laws bought the house so one must assume access rights pre existed this date. The in laws had made enquiries to establish ownership including a potential landowner about 20 years ago but everything drew a blank, (not sure if this was done by a solicitor or letters they wrote, my suspicion is the latter though. The road/lane is L shaped running off a main road, the inlaws own the long part of the L leading to their house and 4 other houses and the short section linking to the main road is owned by 2 others and this has another 4 houses on it. The search I did yesterday shows the short section of the L was bought in 2002 (from the landowner who denied ownership) and a small section of it was later sold in 2004. Would clear unobstructed use for years on end prevent it being used as a ransom strip or are we in for a bit of a struggle. I am kicking myself for not checking this out much earlier but the inlaws have been spot on up to now. Solicitor appointment is on the cards to establish a clear way forward. Any suggestions and ideas welcomed Chris
  3. Found out today after 2 pre apps and numerous discussions with the council that we are in the same position. Our nobody road has been nobody's for over 40 years and everyone knows its nobody's…. We are lucky that our advert will only cost @£150 though. I am going to try and prove that nobody owns the nobody road as the land has never been registered with land registry so am punting £35 for an online title check. Must admit there is always the possibility that our nobody road was purchased or acquired by right before registering came into force in which case it will be somebody's and everyone will have been under a false illusion for 40 years. so I can see the benefit of the paper add, not that people look at the notices. Light-heartedness aside it will give us reassurance to know that either nobody or somebody owns the road and remove the potential for speculative claims by anyone, fingers crossed.
  4. We are just about to begin the planning application for our new house, had a positive pre app response from senior planner on design so fingers crossed for the next three months. Plot is in a high clay area solid for at least 2 meters deep if not more with a hefty load of flints for good measure. Plenty of trees and hedging on site also, hawthorn, plum, pear silver birch so foundations and slab are going to be interesting. Which frame company to go for, what heating style, windows etc. plenty of decisions to make if planning goes our way so will be looking through the posts for help on the way. Anyone else building in Nottinghamshire around Newark or Southwell? Chris