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  1. It's not just a lack of storage capacity but grid stability. Grids need the inertia form large spinning turbines to balance the grid as supply and demand fluctuates. PV inverters, dont have any inertia, and they also track the grid frequency, so they dont resist any frequency deviation. For this reason most grids need a mininum number of thermal plants to remain in production to provide inertia to the grid. There are now devices called synchronous condensors, which are basically enourmous flywheels connected to a motor/generator, that provide grid inertia for times of high renewables production. Google synchronous condensors.
  2. I considered the same idea but decided against it. Air has such a low heat capacity, you need to move a lot of air (noisy) to get a decent cooling effect. Also any cooled ducts will need to be insulated to stop condensation forming in the void spaces (potential for mould of drips staining ceilings. I'm still waiting for the phpp calcs to be done, but I'll most likely be going independant MHRV and a few hidden splits in ceilings where needed.
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