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  1. I need it to clip the underfloor pipes onto. I dont need it for insulation as such. Its a 200mm concrete slab. Do you mean I shouldn't have any heat source on the first floor?
  2. That's who I was dealing with. Works out around £1k more than doing pir for me Maybe worth going down that route then. Had debated using plasterboard washers and screwing it into the slab to keep it tight For the underfloor heating pipes
  3. I had heard of that being done, its really only one room with ~20mm difference due to need to use a mix of precast and prestressed slabs. Does it work alright? Debating TLA but they're charging over double what pir would be. Who supplied your TLA Conor? Wouldn't be as concerned about the insulation aspect as long as it was level for the underfloor
  4. At the stage of my build now where the insulation will need to be put down for the first floor, my issue is the slab has some variance and I'm not 100% on the best way to deal with it. What have others done to level the slab?
  5. Based in Ireland so any grants aren't available unfortunately
  6. The size according to joule is 12kw so I'm basing any alternative system on that really. Just looking for other options or to see if the samsung/joule setup is good
  7. Will be carried out by a plumber/electrician but not mcs accredited most likely.
  8. Originally I had set my mind on using an grant vortex oil boiler but have decided to change to a ashp setup instead. House is a 270sq metres new build insulated to a fairly decent standard, it will be airtight and I have a mvhr system installed. I'm struggling to decide on which heatpump and cylinder setup to go with. Joule have carried out their assessment and recommended a 12kw samsung heat pump with a joule 250litre kodiak uvc. Has anyone used this setup before and if not what is a good alternative? I'm after value for money but not at the expense of reliability.
  9. As you say the cost really doesn't factor into it as the extra cost is negligible in comparison. I just don't want to be putting something in thats counterproductive. I had hoped to use counterflow layout. I was thinking of the loop issue but may modify certain rooms if they where just over 2 loops and make the spacing match the loops as such.
  10. Thanks all. I think the main issue is making sure that I'm future proofing the design as much as possible and if there was any negatives of smaller pipe spacing apart from pipe/manifold cost. I've had mixed responses from various sellers with some saying that under 150mm was not recommended but with no real justification of why.
  11. Here is one of the more recent. Windows are all in except for some of the glass. Hoping to get finished up in the next 6 months.
  12. Im currently planning my underfloor heating setup and keep hearing conflicting reports on pipe spacing. Its a new build property with an ok standard of insulation and will be as air tight as I can make it along with mvhr. Originally I'd like to run the system (ufh downstairs and radiators upstairs) using an oil boiler and leave it with the ability to move to an alternative source in the future such as gshp. From what I gather the spacings are down to the heating demand of the room but is there negatives to using say a 100mm spacing over 150/200 or is the only downside the initial material cost?
  13. Hi all, Currently undertaking a self build in County Tyrone. At the first fix stage at the minute and have been as hands on as possible. Build wise the house is a 2900sq ft 2 storey. Insulated to an ok standard (150mm pumped cavity, 150mm pir floor) mvhr and ufh down and rads up. This place has been a great resource so far and just wanted to introduce myself.
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