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  1. Black Friday is coming, so Amazon gift card would be useful.
  2. Blogger, I'd say. Everything is free with a multitude of features. Plenty of themes and skins. If you use Google photos, attaching pictures & videos are just one click away from the moment you take a photo or video with your phone. You also will have better ranking in search index depends on how you integrate into webmaster tools, author profile (google plus).
  3. OZITO Drill/Driver & Impact Driver with 2x1.5 batteries for £50. Batteries are compatible with Einhell tools
  4. Another thought. For a cinematic style steady video with your smartphone, you could try out a Smartphone Gimbal (costs around £60-£90)
  5. Thanks guys. There are so many things I learnt and discovered recently - mainly from this forum. @Square Feet I love Scotland but my life (and home) revolved around the daughter and her education. In another year she progresses to university and next move will be based on which Conservatoire she gets a place.
  6. 6 Tread Aluminium step ladder @ Screwfix for £29.99 (reduced from £49..99)
  7. If you are happy with 1080p video footage, DJI Spark is the drone you need. You may need "Fly more accessories pack" for having the full benefit. To save some money (and if you have the patience to wait), you could get manufacturer refurbished ones (£226, I guess + £126 fly more accessories) from the link below
  8. I've been lurking around here for past 6 months or so & finally decided to say Hello to all. It's wonderful to see so many amazing projects from the grounds to completion. Majority of projects here are truly inspirational, but my current circumstances don't allow to go for a self-build / refurb at least for 1-2 years. Still, I'm keeping my eyes open for a suitable plot and later sell the house to fund the cost of the build. We currently live in Wigmore (very close to Luton airport). Hoping to make some good friends here Thank you in advance. Sunil