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  1. I’m intrigued as to what this ‘hoggin’ is- looked it up but I’m sure it can’t be what the definition of hogging is🤔😂
  2. For £7.5k you’d be looking at a bespoke oak staircase with glass or other fancy balustrade! You can buy a staircase from howdens ( softwood and mdf) for £120 or thereabouts,
  3. Welcome to the world of self build! you will have plenty of time for research while you await your planning, make the most of it!
  4. Do you really want your master bedroom downstairs when you have young children? open plan kitchen dining living room is great but do you not want a more formal lounge for visitors? what about a playroom downstairs so that when you’re in the main living areas you can keep an eye on the children? Just a few thoughts I would have if I had young children.
  5. It’s possible that he is not set up to do a full house build, we know a lot of good tradesmen who we would get to do smaller jobs but who would readily admit they wouldn’t take on a big project. The builder we used did all the take offs himself from our plans without a qs and he was very accurate, company we’d first contacted did use a qs and the price rocketed. Our son in law is a qs but although we asked him to do the last house we built we didn’t ask him this time.
  6. Don’t know how successful you’d be finding a lender for a prefab house, there are a few in our area and when any of them have been on the market they have been advertised as cash buyers only.
  7. When we were getting ready to start this journey we initially were going to get a turnkey build. A local company quoted for it and we were handed the quote along with the QS paperwork, the quote came in at £100k over the amount of finance we had available and that was not including any landscaping, driveway or garage and was only allowing £8k for a kitchen but it didn’t take long to discover that the prices the qs was quoting for materials were way above what we knew we could get them for. We couldn’t have paid his price so we had no option but to go it alone, (it probably helped that we had done it twice before ) We were fortunate that we found a builder who was willing to work on a labour only basis for the majority of the big stuff. I spent all my spare time (I was working 3 days a week and babysitting a 4 year old and a 2 year old two days a week) sourcing materials and organising deliveries and checking things were happening when they should, it took a lot of time and as the money started going out it was very stressful, don’t know how many sheets of paper with calculations I had and it made me into someone I didn’t recognise as I had never been a confrontational person but quickly discovered I would need to be to get things done! We did save that £100k and ended up with a better spec house than we would have had if we’d gone with the first company, nobody is going to look after your money the way you would yourself!
  8. So are you not intending to brick or block up the kit which is normal in Scotland?
  9. We had the opposite problem, the loft hatches supplied with the kit were too large for where I wanted them, joiners wanted to put them in the bedrooms but I didn’t want the ceiling spoiled with a hatch, I eventually got my way and had them in the dressing rooms, he made them from oak we had on site and insulated the back
  10. I also would be very careful, my kit was ordered without a deposit, I didn’t pay them anything until 10 days before delivery was due of the first part by which time they had been liaising with my architect and engineer, coupled with the fact that you previously weren’t happy about not having a contract I would tread with care.
  11. Thankfully not. We would have killed each other by now! that’s a pity , you haven’t truly experienced a self build until you’ve roughed it in a caravan for a while!
  12. That caravan and awning brings back memories, are you living in it?
  13. Thought I’d give you all an update on this as I never quite finished off the posts that were going on, I had to give up with trying to get some form of compensation from the architect as bc we’re not going to give us our temporary habitation if we were going to insist that they revisited to look at it again so just before lockdown I gave in to enable us to get a sign off of some kind, they won’t sign it all off until the garage is complete. I actually had put the staircase to the back of my mind with everything else that was going on covid wise however it reared it’s ugly head again last week and we’ve been thinking about the best plan of action. I think as @PeterWsuggested some sort of winder staircase might be the answer but wouldn’t be confident enough to try and order one to be made so I’ve contacted a chap who does this sort of thing and he’s planning a visit as soon as he safely can to have a look, he even mentioned that he may be able to use the existing one in some way( don’t know if they can be disassembled) , we shall see!
  14. Ours are doing surprisingly well and we’ve already had some of the snowball turnips and lettuce, had to lift all the turnip as their shaws were overshadowing the beetroot so we have another crop of them in and the beetroot should be harvested before the shaws get too big.All the turnips have been wrapped in wet kitchen roll and put in a bag in the veg drawer of the fridge which is what was advised for storing them.