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  1. You’re actually right there! I was brought up on a small holding and we had a flock of geese, vicious buggers, I once got a sore peck from the gander when I came home from school and went into the field to look for my mother!
  2. I think what’s really making me uneasy is the fact that two houses within a mile of us (but in an estate) have been broken into during the night, both residents were woken by a noise and one was confronted by a man with an axe, both houses had their door handles and locks removed from outside and this is how they’d gained entry!
  3. We don’t have close neighbours, the woman who bought the cottage from us doesn’t live there, it’s lying empty. The next nearest neighbour is a woman in her 80s who has had a lot of illness Recently.
  4. We actually have 4 dogs! BUT I don’t think they’d scare anyone away, they’d bark certainly but I think they’d welcome anyone who came in!
  5. We have never felt the need for security in any of our houses but due to a different social climate now and the fact we are getting older I would really like to have some now. It would need to be something pretty simple to operate as neither of us are very tech minded, I was thinking about RING but hubby looked at it last night and was put off by the fact it appears you have to pay a monthly subscription if you want images stored, any ideas?
  6. I have got lots of little jobs I have accumulated for a scenario such as this however working in retail I will have to be ill before I can do any social distancing and Dave Lewis who is usually very smart about sending emails to inform us of things affecting the business has suddenly gone quiet! I’m most upset about the fact that my daughter is due a much awaited new baby after losing one two years ago and because I can’t social distance myself god knows when I’ll get to see him/her although they only live 10 miles away but being in a supermarket environment then going to visit would be foolhardy.
  7. I think they’re all the same, they take their time to try and justify what they charge you!
  8. I wouldn’t be paying him if the work is not up to BS , hopefully you have kept enough back to cover what you will have to remedy, as for the scaffolding, it would probably be good if you could take the contract but make sure it has been paid up to the point you want to take over. When we parted company with our builders the welfare facility was left behind, we phoned the company to uplift it but they wouldn’t do it because the contract wasn’t with us, it lay unused for weeks with the company coming out every week to empty and clean it, we tried several times to get them to take it away without success. Eventually, fed up with it being there I phoned again and told them if it wasn’t removed they wouldn’t get it at all as the fencing was about to be done and it would be behind the fence, within an hour they picked it up but I do always wonder if they ever got paid for it.
  9. Christine Walker


    Ours was installed just over a year ago and they had to put in a new pole, we only paid the standard installation fee iirc it was £60, I read somewhere that they get an allowance from somewhere or other for installations to new build properties.
  10. Unfortunately it was the staircase company that discovered the problem and then got on to the architect who in turn contacted BC to ask if they would allow it, the thing is we had a temporary staircase up against the wall for months and everyone was going up and down (builders etc) without any problem. I do feel if it had not been pointed out to BC they may never have noticed considering they haven’t even measured it as it currently is. We were thinking that after sign off we would just move it back to the wall but I get varied opinions on this, some say that’s what to do while others think it may flash up to a surveyor in future should we decide to sell.
  11. IIRC it was about 30mm short at certain steps
  12. I have checked the register as suggested and he is still registered, pictures attached, second architect suggested spiral which I definitely don’t want as I’ve a friend with one which causes problems for getting furniture up and down. Looking back on communication with the staircase firm it seems it is 41.92degrees but it looks and feels much steeper
  13. It has no turn at all , just straight up, it should have been next to the wall and had a cupboard under it for the ufh manifold but as it is we’ve had to cover the manifold with a radiator cabinet, I don’t know what he thought about the ceiling, it’s cathedral but has a lot of angles going on and therein lies the problem, the picture I put on is what you are faced with when you walk into the room , which is meant to be a dining room, we have the pellet stove on a feature wall and the space from this to the staircase being reduced by around 2 metres now means when you sit at the dining table you either can’t get your chair back very much at the stair side and at the other side if the stove is on your getting roasted !
  14. @joe90 he is a man in his 60s , has been an architect all his life, we used him on our last build back in 2007 but I think he’s losing it, have spoken to another couple of self builders in the area and he has made mistakes with them too, one stopped him in his tracks as soon as it was discovered the other made him pay for putting the job right, I think I was lax in agreeing to this set up and I’m quite angry with myself for letting it happen but I think by the time I got to this stage after having to fight SP energy and the problems we had with Scottish water I had just lost the will to live! the problem now lies with whether or not it complies with BR , since I stupidly agreed to where it has been positioned I think if it complies I won’t have any comeback on him although it could be said I don’t have the house I was meant to!