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  1. We bought a property 3 years ago which was a cottage with 2 acres, we more or less immediately set about getting planning for a new house in the grounds, when this came through we fenced off the cottage and some land then put it on the market, it sold within a week and we moved into a caravan on site, the title was not split until we sold the cottage, no CGT as the money received from the sale of the cottage was used to do our self build which was then our main residence
  2. Had the same problem trying to read it 😂 Scotframe seem to be the big name in Scotland however we used claymore timber frame in fife and our engineer complemented their kit, said it was one of the best he’d seen recently
  3. an and then a 4 day fortnight from March. I'm not entirely convinced about his ability to take instruction though. I've already had insubordination from him on a couple of matters😂😂😂😂😂 you need to get him in line!
  4. Don’t talk to me about stairs! Our architect made a right pigs ear of the position of the staircase, nobody noticed, staircase company came out to measure up, still didn’t notice, we had a temporary staircase in for me getting upstairs and used all the time by the builders, still no one noticed, 3 months later when the staircase company decided to get to design they suddenly noticed we didn’t have enough headroom, we’d paid over £5k to the kit company for the staircase but when this problem was finally noticed the staircase company wanted another £5k+ to produce one which would comply, by this time we were in the closing stages of the build and didn’t have that kind of money left to spend on something we thought we’d already paid for! Architect wouldn’t admit liability and pay for the amended staircase, we tried everything to come up with a solution to come within an acceptable budget and ended up with a straight flight a quarter of the way into the room. How I now regret that decision, it’s a bloody eyesore and has changed the use of the room altogether, I should have a large room with a dining table in the middle not too near the stove, instead I don’t know what to do with it, had another architect out who said he’d never seen one as bad, he measured up the headroom in its current position and was still not certain it would comply so suggested I get bc out for a look, the problem is that I agreed to having it where it is and the architect (after threatening him with solicitors) eventually paid £1100 for the extra handrail and glass. I was hoping that bc would come out and say it wasn’t right in which case I could have gone back to the original architect and claimed him for putting it right however when the officer came out he looked at it and I told him we still didn’t think it was compliant, he had no tape measure and when I offered to get him one he mumbled something about it not being as simple as that and in his opinion it was fine and he would pass it, he said it had nothing to do with him that it looks ridiculous but it was safe as far as he was concerned! had it not been an oak staircase it would have been tossed out by now and we would have started from scratch but it’s too big a loss to do this as we certainly couldn’t replace it with the correct one made in oak, how many times I have kicked myself for agreeing to have it where it is and I know we are going to eventually have to do something with it!
  5. Is that if you register a trade account with them?
  6. Ok sounds good, just need to source at a good price now 🥴
  7. Not compatible with Heatmiser thermostats taken from the wundatrade website and the reason hubby got in touch with them but with no success
  8. No the Heatmiser are 230v but they are the neo air stats so don’t know if it’s something to do with that
  9. Yes I think that’s the ones he’d been looking at however they say they’re not compatible with the Heatmiser stats
  10. So , home again and back to this, hubby decided to phone the aforementioned company to check out if they’d be suitable for our system, sent in photo of our manifold and informed them of the fact we have the Heatmiser neo air stats, here is the answer he got ; “as a parts only supplier we are happy to supply them to you however what you choose to do with them is your choice, we won’t recommend you fit them to another system however they may well work” Not a lot of help! Here is a picture of the manifold if @Nickfromwales could have a look and advise please
  11. thanks for that @Nickfromwales , I may get back to you on this if you don’t mind, we’re currently away in the Lake District for a few days.
  12. I was an estate agent some years ago now and the dead time was always around November until the end of January as people weren’t thinking about moving then and similarly July til September however our local agent assures me this is not the case now?! Problem is if you have it listed during one of these periods it becomes stale and then your prospective buyers are looking for a price reduction.
  13. Any opinions on these? Our ufh has no flow meters which oh is not happy about and during his online search he has come across these, does anyone know anything about them?
  14. Yes that’s where I was going with this, we couldn’t get a decent price for road opening for water connection but we were lucky when the pm from Scottish power came out and heard our predicament he said he’d do it for us at the same time as electric so saved us a fortune!