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  1. Hubby and I just looked at each other when we heard the £60k budget! His father was an architect surely he knew it would never do, I must admit to googling hempcrete it seemed interesting. Then at the end they said it had cost between 200-300k that’s a big variant, I think if you started with such a small budget you would have a better idea of how much it had really cost unless the parents were just throwing money at them willy nilly
  2. Christine Walker

    smart meters

    We had a smart meter fitted when the connection was made , I had said I didn’t want one but they fitted it anyway! But we had no phone at the time so how did that work?
  3. Christine Walker

    How to get Howdens prices

    We opened our howdens account in 2006 when we did our last self build, we let 3 people get a kitchen since then and have had a few bits and bobs but nothing major we get an occasional phone call but not harassed but I believe their prices are less to regular buyers
  4. Christine Walker

    Services crossing footpath we don't own, and a road

    Whoever is doing it has to apply to the LA for a road opening permit
  5. Yes, we’ve had the council tax people sniffing around, told them we weren’t finished and she said she had driven past and it looked occupied, of course all our furniture is here to save on storage costs and curtains up to deter break ins, we finally got the digger back in today to cover up remaining drains and level out the site so I’m going to buy the decking and slabs etc(for paths and steps) then let them come out and once that’s done make our reclaim
  6. Christine Walker

    Best Material for Baths

    I had a similar bath to this in my last house also acrylic, it looked as good as new when we left it 8 years later
  7. Christine Walker

    Composite Decking Materials

    I haven’t quite decided on my decking supplier yet, I do like the TekTimber one but as we are now trying to get outside finished off as cheaply as possible I’m wondering about it, hubby would just do timber decking but I feel it would be a shame not to finish off as well as we possibly can, I’ve found a company who are a good bit cheaper but they only seem to do the hollow boards , has anyone gone with them or does anyone have a reason why not to use them?
  8. Christine Walker

    Service connections

    You can get other companies to do the contestible work but connections need to be made by the DNO you will be able to do the digger work yourselves if that’s what you want to do personally we could not find another company who were authorised to do the contestable work as they were not interested in such a small job
  9. Christine Walker

    Composite Decking Materials

    Was just working this out, you’d need 3 of these boards to do a sq m so £48 , the TekTimber timber classic one works out at £46.75 a sq m , think these diy stores try to confuse you selling per board
  10. Christine Walker

    Moving boundaries

    When we sold our first house it was in the middle of the land that belonged to us so we were splitting it up and keeping land to both the left and right of it, we measured everything out very carefully and with the help of our son in law who is a QS we plotted it on to the plan, imagine our surprise when our solicitor arrived one Sunday at teatime to check that we had measured correctly! She definitely didn’t want any comeback
  11. Christine Walker

    Self build..what did you do?

    We tussled with the idea of off grid when we were presented with a quote of £25k for an electric connection, hubby made a lot of calls about various options but all were going to be expensive options to install and none were going to have the convenience of a grid connection. After living in a caravan for 6 months with the electricity supply coming from our neighbours garage which meant if we put the kettle on we had to turn off the water heater etc in case we overloaded the circuit it became very clear we couldn’t have lived off grid. To me electricity is one of your basic needs,
  12. Well done so far , love it! A man after my own heart!
  13. Christine Walker

    Planning permission on a green belt 🤦‍♀️

    Our house is built on green belt which was a paddock belonging the cottage we bought, it was only allowed because a field next to us similar to what you have described was granted permission for 5 houses, it was within the settlement boundary which ours wasn’t and we were refused first application however when the 5 houses got the go ahead we approached the local councillor who backed us all the way with the next application and it went through no problem
  14. Christine Walker

    Self build..what did you do?

    I wouldn’t be having a solicitor apply for planning, I know of a couple near here who had a nursery/garden centre and they got their solicitor to make an application for planning on the ground, straight away refused! they sold up and the new owners got planning for a whole new culdesac of houses, anything that is not straightforward is better handled by someone who has good experience of planning policies
  15. Yes a shame for the young chap who’s partner left but you need to be made of strong stuff to survive a self build, I do always wonder how these staircases pass building control and I think they may live to regret it once they have wee ones running around