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  1. Christine Walker

    I'm Curious

    Well good luck! Gird your loins and hang on in there, 3 months in and our third house, wondering what ever possessed us to do it again, just said to hubby tonight, we were younger than our two kids are now when we did the first one, don’t know how we ever thought as total novices we’d do it but we did, then another and we’ve learned a lot but not everything, it’s a long learning curve, worth it in the long run but right at this moment tonight I could see it far enough!
  2. Christine Walker

    Basic kit superstructure erection

    Were you providing the steels yourself? Ours came as part of the kit and were erected while the joiners were on site, our builders had prepared the pads for the steels being bolted to and given the heights to claymore who worked it out with the fabricators from there, it did take a day and a half on site for them being put up while the joiners were here but at least everyone concerned could see what was happening, our architect really had no input at this stage other than checking correct materials had been used.
  3. Another thing to try and get rid of, rigid insulation offcuts, we have a room full of them, put them on market place today, first person filled his jeep up twice, very grateful for them, several other enquiries from people who want photos and measurements- they’re getting the damn things for nothing , they’ll be wanting them delivered next!
  4. Christine Walker

    Tiling...many questions

    I’ve been looking at lots of tiles but retail outlets seem to be so much more expensive than online, I’ve had lots of samples from Tilesporcelain and have picked out the ones I like for kitchen, utility and downstairs bathroom, my problem is by the time I get all the flexible adhesive and sealer I’m on 3 pallets costing £150 carriage and my £2k worth of tiles are going to cost nearly £4K with all the add ons is there anywhere I can buy the adhesive under £15 a bag?
  5. Christine Walker

    The tale of the sale of our old house

    @Ferdinandcould you please explain Sui generis as I recently saw this on a planning application
  6. Christine Walker

    The tale of the sale of our old house

    Never will understand why people want to live in London, ok a lot of them are chasing the big money but they’re also having to spend it to live, when we sold our big 385m2 house in 2016 a friends son bought a flat in London, it cost more than we got for our beautiful house, the flat looked like an ex council, total madness!
  7. Christine Walker

    Pre-Application submission advice

    Free service here, we even had a visit from the head of planning to see what we were proposing after which we put in a sketch which he ok’d then detailed plans were submitted
  8. Christine Walker

    Basic kit superstructure erection

    @Google I’ve just looked at your floor plan , wow! That’s some bungalow!
  9. Christine Walker

    Remotely managing self build?

    Definitely on site! My hubby has just gone back to work this week after 4 months off and I am now in charge of the build, not new to me as we’ve done it twice before but although we have a main contractor there are still so many decisions to be made, they’ve been coming at me all week and trying to sort things out while juggling a part time job and babysitting two grandchildren from a caravan is no mean feat but I’d rather be here keeping my eye on the ball as things can so easily go tits up!
  10. Christine Walker

    Basic kit superstructure erection

    At the erection stage they only put up load bearing walls any other partition walls are part of the roughing
  11. Christine Walker

    Basic kit superstructure erection

    That’s right if you employ an erector through them you don’t pay the vat on the kit
  12. Christine Walker

    Basic kit superstructure erection

    Roughing will include installing stud partitions which by the way have to be insulated then plaster boarded insulation to all outside walls, our roughing also included laying upstairs floor . We are at the roughing stage just now, into the third week and they’re almost finished upstairs, fitting the kingspan has been time consuming as it has to be fitted tightly then sealed, down stairs should go on quicker as it’s the rock wool which has already been done so just really plaster board to fit
  13. Christine Walker

    Basic kit superstructure erection

    @PeterWyes we went with the joiners through the to company, we did ask our builders if they wanted to do it but their reckoning was that these guys were working with their tfs every day and would know them inside out and at the end of the day the price was more or less the same, after seeing how the roof had to be constructed we were glad we went with them
  14. Christine Walker

    Basic kit superstructure erection

    I also think it would have been better to get a written cost at the outset to save this from happening believe me we’ve learned a lot of lessons in previous builds
  15. Christine Walker

    Basic kit superstructure erection

    Hello, you’re not far from us, we’re in Carluke, our kit went up in 11days , 1.5 storey and the joiners had to build the middle section of roof on site, 3joiners finished to wind and water tight including all windows, doors and 3 sets of bi fold doors, velux were left for the roofers and they put the first one in yesterday in an hour, I note you say the joiners are friends -bad move! This is our third self build and we employed a friend on the last one who totally took the Michael and suffice to say we are no longer friends, since we are within 15 miles of each other please feel free to visit, if you send me a message I’ll be happy to give you address