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  1. Oh well then SP energy must be wrong
  2. I’m not surprised @Randomiser that the call handler seemed clueless, when I first mentioned to a team leader that if they wouldn’t reduce their quote I would be requesting removal of the pole in my garden his answer was ‘ well you’ll cut off your connection then’ —REALLY! I don’t have a connection! I find this repeatedly that the person on the other end of the phone knows less about things than you do yourself! Energy saving trust is another one you waste your time speaking to, can’t understand why they don’t employ people with a bit of savvy, I’m going off on a rant now, yesterday was in a local garden centre with my friend and she asked one of the staff the name of a plant she was interested in- answer- I haven’t a clue!
  3. asements An Easement (also known as Deed of Grant) provides similar access rights for installing and maintaining infrastructure equipment, but for a one-off payment and it provides permanent access. An Easement can also be registered at the Land Registry in order to ensure that future owners of the land adhere to it.
  4. Wayleaves. A Wayleave is a means of providing rights for a company to install and retain their cabling or piping across private land in return for annual payments to the landowner. A Wayleave is normally a temporary arrangement and does not automatically transfer to a new owner or occupier.
  5. Wayleaves are not noted on the deeds @vivienz but easements are, was told this when I made the enquiry about removing the poles on our plots
  6. Wayleaves do not continue when the property changes hands , so if you have recently bought the land even if there was a wayleave with the previous owner it would not continue when you bought the place
  7. Before you go asking them to remove it I’d get your quote for a connection. We’ve had a lot of dealings last year with SP energy both with the supply to our new build which they wanted an arm and a leg for; there was a pole in our plot which they had no Wayleave for and from which they said we couldn’t get a supply as it was at capacity, they soon saw sense with their quote though when I told them I would be requesting it’s removal and we ended up paying a fifth of what they had originally quoted on the understanding we’d sign a wayleave for it. On the other hand we have two plots a mile up the road from us which we have been marketing and two prospective buyers weren’t happy with the fact that in the corner of one of the plots there were two poles with a transformer on them, I made enquiries about having them removed and was told I could request their removal but would be better getting a connection to the plots first as removing them to another location could make a connection afterwards more expensive if they had to move them further away, sounded reasonable to me however we accepted an offer on both plots from an individual who lived abroad and hadn’t physically seen the plots, whatever happened next I don’t know but somehow he then discovered the poles and asked for us to have them removed, I tried to explain that he would be better to get the connection first then ask for their removal but he then said he had contacted them and it was going to cost50k which he wanted us to pay, in other words he wanted two plots valued at 130k for 80k , when we refused he withdrew his offer. As a footnote to this we recently had cause to visit the plots with another prospective buyer and guess what! Where there had been two poles with a transformer there now was only one solitary pole with only wires coming from it, we don’t know when or how this happened but we’re quite happy with it!
  8. Looks good, similar layout downstairs to my last house and we more or less lived in the kitchen/dining/family room but was good to have a formal lounge that was always tidy for visitors! handy too to have the playroom for all the toys and a downstairs loo for potty training.
  9. Christine Walker

    Mild panic as rollercoster ride begins!

    If you’re not occupying the property you can get 3 months without paying council tax providing you can prove you live elsewhere and are paying ct there, that’s in Scotland anyway
  10. Christine Walker

    Hepworth drainage products

    I’ll leave that for some of the technically minded guys but I certainly wouldn’t have paid their prices, mine were all Brett Martin which seems to be a good make
  11. Christine Walker

    Sewage SOS

    We paid here £160 /day for a good digger driver, £90/day for labourer and I expect the dumper driver will be somewhere in between but you are in England aren’t you? Always more expensive!
  12. Christine Walker

    Steelwork quote seems a lot

    I’m imagining your situation, you’ve got all the pricing done then out of the blue this crops up, be prepared for a lot of this, we thought since we were on our third build that we had it all covered, wrong! There’s always something or someone trying to grab more of your cash😩
  13. Christine Walker

    Sewage SOS

    Wow! That’s some money, if I were you I’d go through that drainage plan and cost everything that’s what we did and although we had to go back and get a few more fittings it was nowhere near that amount, probably about a third of that at the highest!
  14. Christine Walker

    Sewage SOS

    We bought all our pipe and most of fittings and inspection chambers from an online company called build plumb plastics, I’d need to look at receipt but I’m sure we got 150 m of Brett Martin pipe for around £300, hubby did all the drains along with the digger driver who was really good at getting off his machine to help and it was all done in 6 days that included putting in the sewage treatment plant,
  15. Christine Walker

    What boiler to go with Solar thermal and wood burner

    We put in a thermal store and biomass stove which we will get RHI payments for, the thermal store can take solar thermal too and the installer was promoting it however solar thermal is not legible for RHI payments , this came straight from the energy saving trust