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  1. Christine Walker

    Architect CAD Files

    Looks like he’s wanting more money! Our architect has issued drawings to any company who has asked for them once we made enquiries, he has also liaised with claymore timber frame on our behalf and a firm we are dealing with regarding boiler stoves at no extra cost
  2. Christine Walker

    The Butterfly Effect

    Yes would love to know what your better half has sealed the deal with, personally I only asked for one thing as a must have but since I’m the keeper of the budget I’m sure I’ll can sneak a few more in
  3. Christine Walker

    Grand design on a budget

    @ProDavethis is a long term plan for when we eventually sell the plots we have on the market just now, not wanting to get the money for them and squander it as it’s our only pension pot we thought we’d buy a plot in the highlands , build a storey and a half log cabin and rent out as a holiday home when we weren’t using it ourselves.We have seen a log cabin suitable for this priced at 30k for the kit and reckon another 30 would have it up. As I say long term plan, need to get the current house up first 😂
  4. Christine Walker

    Grand design on a budget

    Wow @Triassic,this I am interested in, this is our next plan, we have two building plots for sale and this is our pension fund, we are hoping to build something along this line to use as a holiday home and holiday rental, looking to buy a plot up north and build a three bed log cabin, what size is yours?
  5. Christine Walker

    custom build - budget/any advice

    we have just started a 260m2 build for which we have 240k, we have ordered a timber frame kit which includes everything for inside the house, doors windows staircase insulation gyproc etc, the supplier will erect to wind and watertight so no vat on this part of the build, we have employed a small building firm to do the majority of the rest of the work on a labour only basis, we will supply all materials to them that way you can shop around and most builders merchants will give a good discount, the heating and kitchen installation will be done by separate firms but again no vat as they are installing, it’s amazing how hard you will look for bargains when you know you have to, this is our third build and although we feel better prepared this time there’s always something that crops up unexpectedly
  6. Christine Walker

    Extortionate price

    Right , back to this again! I got back in touch with SP energy and asked if I could have a reduced voltage- no there is none to have, I then looked at the quote and it seemed the majority of the cost (19k) was for excavating and laying 283 m of low voltage cable which was contestable work so I asked for a requote without this on it intending to get an outside contractor to do this, got the reqoute today, it’s down to 12.5k but they’re still charging over 10k for cable, surely they should supply the cable!? If not then the cable is mine and if I decide to move in theory I can take the cable with me?
  7. Christine Walker

    Sewage treatment plant

    Thanks, you answered two questions in one there! Hubby was just saying he’d been told to concrete it down but is looking online where they are saying pea gravel, 10 years since our last build and you start to question everything 😩
  8. Christine Walker

    Sewage treatment plant

    Yes no problem getting the permit from sepa had it in 3 weeks, we’re looking at a Clearwater, why did you opt for the Conder?
  9. Christine Walker

    Sewage treatment plant

    Anybody have any experience of installing a sewage treatment tank, in our previous builds we had a normal septic tank with the outfall going to a soak away which my husband did himself however this time we have to install a sewage treatment plant, no soak away, straight to the burn running through our land, just wondering if there’s a lot of difference in the installation method
  10. Christine Walker

    Self Build Timberframe in Nottinghamshire

    We are just about to start our self build, it will have underfloor heating downstairs, radiators upstairs, a double sided boiler stove (30kw) will supply to a thermal store tank which will supply all our heating and hot water needs, working with a great company up north who has done all the calculations
  11. Christine Walker

    Extortionate price

    Water is applied for not expecting any shocks there as we did a pre application enquiry and phone will be applied for at a later date, sewage is to a treatment plant in our land with the outfall going to the stream behind us and we have this approved by sepa
  12. Christine Walker

    New Build Plumbing Costs

    Have you had a quote from an underfloor heating company? I only ask because all the plumbers we spoke to weren’t interested in doing the underfloor and the company supplying it are doing the installation for £850 so we decided to go with them better than trying to get someone to do it that knows very little about it. On our last build my hubby did it all himself- 5 miles of pipes but I’ve put my foot down this time- laying pipes with me as a labourer on Hogmanay is not my idea of fun
  13. Christine Walker

    New Build Plumbing Costs

    I was actually just thinking that, the chap started up on his own this year after 12 years working for someone, he’s shown us pictures of his work and explained how he will do the job, I don’t know if he’d be interested in a job away from home
  14. Christine Walker

    New Build Plumbing Costs

    No he lives in strathaven South Lanarkshire at least we’re in the same country 😃