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  1. We have the lithe audio ceiling speakers and I love them , only wish I’d got some put in the kitchen as well
  2. We also looked at a company a few years ago when we had our eye on a plot that would have suited this type of home they were called mountain lodge
  3. He was a producer and he had been behind all the euphoria albums which I used to have to listen to when I had a teenage son at home! Personally I think he wanted a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget, he had been mixing with the stars for too long! I don’t know how he could sleep at night and I don’t blame his wife for getting out.
  4. Has to be a regional thing though I suspect, if we had paid £2k m2 the house would not be worth anywhere near what it had cost to build. We haven’t had it valued yet but going by other similar sized properties in the area currently being marketed the ceiling price seems to be around £400k although we do have a large paddock which will add some value but I wouldn’t have been happy spending much more than we did for this end value.
  5. Quotes are free, I don’t think they’ll do overhead now though, we had just under 400m if I remember correctly and they wouldn’t entertain going overhead, said it all had to go underground now
  6. I’m getting more confused by this film as time goes on, I had a quote from Solartek and they were going to put it on the inside of the window, I then got in touch with sun-x who put us on to the installers in Scotland, the chap came out and measured up but he was going to put it on the outside of the window, when I questioned this he said it would be no good on the inside as the heat would get into the glass and be bouncing back and forth between the two double glazed panes eventually causing damage. This sounded feasible and seemed to make sense so we decided to go with him, he was to come today providing it wasn’t raining or windy, so today it’s sunny, the time for them coming came and went and I eventually phoned them to be told it’s too sunny today! I’m now starting to question what I should be doing here as when I look up where it should be fitted I’m getting results that say it should be inside as if it’s outside it will crackle, what advise can anyone give me on this?
  7. I never had any doubts about the scaffolding coming down, it was a polish team that did ours with a Scottish boss who stood and watched, nothing was thrown about, it took a day and a half to erect and a full day to take down and it never even crossed my mind that anything would be damaged which probably was because I could see they weren’t be rough.
  8. Lucky you, I have had nothing but trouble with bt billing since the beginning of the year, tried to get away from them but was still in contract so they wanted nearly £300 to get out of it, ended up making several complaints and they gave me £50 credit, then they told me again I hadn’t paid my bill, I have been tearing my hair out with them and will be off as soon as I get out of contract !
  9. That sounds an awful long time doesn’t it, we’re just waiting on our updated EPC to apply for RHI payments for our biomass boiler, we were hoping to have it all set up for winter, do you think they’ll backdate to when you made the application?
  10. Bought house and land August 2016 planning permission in principle June 2017 (second application) detailed planning October 2017 sold house May 2018 and moved into caravan on site moved into new house December 2018 although we are still finishing off garage driveway and landscaping
  11. We originally were to have a standpipe but Scottish Water took so long to connect us the house was all but finished before we got a connection, we were lucky that we got filling a couple of IBCs with a hose from our neighbour. We were charged £200 by Scottish Water for ‘building water’ which we never had.
  12. Resurrecting again as we still haven’t done this yet. The firm I was originally looking at have now changed their name to neotimber and I’m back at the £200 for delivery, I really really grudge paying as much for delivery but I can’t find anything locally which compares in price and quality, our joiner is out the game at the moment after an operation which is giving me more thinking time but the more I think the more confused I get!
  13. We were originally going to have a wood burner with back boiler and connected to a thermal store however just around the time we were due to make the decision the government announced they wanted to do away with wood burners so we decided against it and went with the insert pellet stove .
  14. We will shortly have to apply for detailed planning on our remaining plot which currently has outline planning but this will lapse next April. We won’t ever build the house ourselves so it won’t be a personal choice and we need to find the cheapest way of making the application, we were thinking maybe we could do it ourselves but quite frankly haven’t a clue how to do it. I could draw a floor plan no trouble but I couldn’t transfer this to elevations etc and it terrifies me thinking about the things the local council will ask for that I have no knowledge of so , much as I don’t want to pay an architect I don’t think I have any other option!