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  1. How lucky are you, it’s a beautiful part of the country, looking forward to seeing what you build.
  2. However you’ll already have paid tax on the money you bought the house with?
  3. But that won’t work in Scotland with the home report unless the surveyors are willing to add the stamp duty amount onto the valuation, lenders won’t lend more than the house has been valued at
  4. Ah but there hasn’t been years of house price increases, when we sold our first house 13 years ago we got a lot more for it than we had ever thought we would, but that was in the good times, the house has since undergone a lot of upgrading and I know for a fact one buyer spent over £50k on it but it’s sold twice since we sold it and has only increased in value by about 5percent in all that time
  5. I would imagine most sellers would try to get more for their properties to cover this but at the end of the day you’ll only get what someone is willing to pay and with the home report dictating what the property is worth, in Scotland anyway, most buyers won’t pay above that amount and in fact a lot of buyers want it under the home report value,
  6. I met our architect yesterday and during the conversation he asked about how far away from sign off we were, there’s not a lot to do with the house to achieve this however when I said the garage wasn’t built yet he said he thought that with the garage being on the same building warrant as the house we wouldn’t get sign off until it was built or if we wanted sign off before it was built we would have to remove it from the warrant, just wondering if anyone has any experience of this?
  7. We haven’t done so much this build as we managed to get prices for labour within a budget we could afford however in our last build both working full time and my son in law working full time, we spent every hour we weren’t at work working on the build. Hubby would come home At 4pm have a quick bite to eat and start and we would be at it till gone midnight, my son in law spent every weekend for a year with us from 9 in the morning till 6 at night.we were out until 2 in the morning moving scaffolding for the builders next morning, we spent The bells at New Year’s Eve laying under floor heating pipes, by the time the house was finished we vowed never to do it again! It was a large house 385m2 and it was the only way we were ever going to complete it as we had a very small budget and we got mucked about a lot with various trades so we had to take on things we knew very little about. Personally would never go this route again but probably that’s more to do with getting older!
  8. Surely if they were fitting staircase etc this would qualify for supply and fit therefore zero rated?
  9. You’d need more than ground workers, the kit firm will only provide joinery services, you would have to get a builder to do the rest or employ all the separate trades yourself
  10. So how can this work with materials? you're not going to be able to get suppliers charging you only 5 pc ?
  11. I’ve done both, when we bought the cottage it had a pine kitchen which in the first few weeks I quite liked however after that I couldn’t stand it, by this time we had already applied for pp and we didn’t want to spend a lot on a new kitchen but wanted to update before we sold again, we started watching gumtree and viewed a few second hand which weren’t any better than what we had but eventually found one that was a year old, couple had bought the house and didn’t like the kitchen, we bought it for £1400 including quartz breakfast bar and it fitted in great with only one unit to spare. I do now have my £30k + bespoke handmade kitchen which is widely admired but I could have spent a lot more if I’d been able to they are definitely one offs.
  12. Our address with bt is , plot next to, and although we now have a name I wouldn’t want to confuse them by trying to change it.