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  1. Christine Walker

    Cleaning concrete before tiling

    Ours wasn’t dirty just very dusty, just hoovered it all up then used the sbr applied straight
  2. Christine Walker

    Cost of air tight test

    We haven’t yet had this done and have been told we need to do it before the EPC , actually thought the architect had someone who he used but unfortunately not so I need to phone around tomorrow, can anyone tell me how much I should be paying for this?
  3. Christine Walker

    Scottish solicitors

    You don’t need to choose a solicitor before you’re ready to put in an offer and if you’re buying through an agent they will be able to suggest a solicitor for you which will keep you from using the same one as the seller
  4. Christine Walker

    Tree removal

    So my next question is, have any of you bought a plot which needed trees removed and did you have to pay for this yourselves?
  5. Christine Walker

    Land for the Many Report

    A bit like when I was an estate agent there was an area that I worked in that there was no stamp duty on the houses bought in that area.
  6. Christine Walker

    Length of time to put services in

    We got our quote for electric connection in April, however since the quote was £25k despite there being a pole on our plot (which they informed us was at capacity )it took until October to finally get the connection but this was due to me fighting them on the quote (which I eventually won)Water connection took about the same time since Scottish Water will not do any of the work and we found it impossible to find someone to do the road crossing at an agreeable price ( quoted £7k for a small road crossing) as it happens Scottish power ended up putting our water duct in at the same time as electric) phone took months as well . These were all things we hadn’t foreseen as our previous two builds had power and water on site, we were lucky in that the woman who we had sold our cottage next door to gave us power and water for our caravan otherwise life would have been very difficult, just a few things to bear in mind when looking at plots
  7. Christine Walker

    Log Cabin Project - Final Plans Done :D

    How do you find out these things @Ferdinand?! I did wonder at there being no mention of how they came about finding the plot! however it was interesting to see the lodge being built off site then put back together again, a project for monied people though.
  8. Christine Walker

    Location of bedrooms

    That’s what our house is, two upstairs are both the same with dressing room and en-suite and two downstairs, one with en-suite and the other has the main bathroom next to it.
  9. Christine Walker

    Self build in scotland (Hopefully)

    If I was you I’d keep a close eye on your local councils planning website, where we are they update it weekly with all the new applicants and I’d bet a lot of them are not actually going to build just trying to get planning to sell on.
  10. Christine Walker

    Log Cabin Project - Final Plans Done :D

    Did anyone see impossible builds last night, couple building a large cabin in the woods, it came all ready, built by a company in Cumbria and delivered to site in two halves! It was on wheels because of planning regs, very interesting but cost £280k!
  11. Well bins got delivered today, black one as well although I’d said I’d get one elsewhere, I will now await a bill for it and then take it from there!
  12. I phoned last week to get bins and although they give you the recycling ones I was told I’d need to pay £60 for the black bin!!
  13. Christine Walker

    A great retreat?

    Have you bought it ? I see it’s under offer!
  14. Christine Walker

    is it difficult to borrow if you have a deposit

    A bungalow won’t cost you half what a two storey would, bungalows end up more expensive as you still have roof, foundations etc and probably a bigger footprint than a two storey
  15. Christine Walker

    Log Cabin Project - Final Plans Done :D

    This is something we have toyed with the idea of doing, how long do you expect it to take to get your initial outlay back?