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  1. No they just want an application with location plan , indicative position of house and how it would be accessed, we had to have a traffic survey done as someone tried to put a spanner in the works saying it would be an unacceptable access but this was a personal grudge, we also had to get the ok from sepa as the same person tried to say our last two houses were spewing out effluent into his property which made sepa do tests and he was proved to be a liar but in normal circumstances this would not have happened and all drainage would have been dealt with in the detailed application.
  2. I had thought of that , her son is usually quite handy but he is a bit wary about starting screwing at it in case he ends up with the whole thing coming out!
  3. My friend has sold her flat and is preparing to move however she has to remove her dishwasher as it’s not working so she cannot leave it behind, her problem is the way it’s connected (see pictures) , her son believes this to be a self cutting valve and is unsure how to proceed. I’ve only seen the photos but my thinking is the silver bit at the top should turn off the supply therefore she could then remove the dishwasher hose without having a flood on her hands, she says this bit does turn so am I correct in my assumption?
  4. Outline planning means it has been agreed that the land can be used for a house/ houses , so in our case their has been consultations with roads department and sepa and all are happy with the proposal, the next step is much more in depth.
  5. Can you not look then for plots with outline pp ? Might be an area specific thing but the plot we still have had only outline on it and because we have had a few enquires about it which have not materialised I decided the best plan might be to get detailed planning for it, my view was that if it was set in stone re position of house etc it would save all the to- ing and fro-ing which has been going on with different people wanting different things however when I approached an architect and the agent marketing it they were both of the opinion I was wasting my time as whoever eventually bought it was sure to want something different!
  6. 5 years is quite a lot of time to be able to predict where you will be financially especially in these uncertain times. You obviously have a house just now and no doubt have some idea of its value, you can probably predict how much you will be able to save in these 5 years (barring any unforeseen circumstances)so I would have this as your starting point. I have never planned a build that far in advance (financially anyway, they have always been on the cards) but with an idea of a ballpark figure made up of house value and savings you can start to look at what you predict you’ll can afford. Who knows what will happen with house and plot prices in the coming 5 years, although property prices are on the up just now after the first wave of the pandemic there’s nothing to say they won’t collapse again just as quickly. When we sold our first house in 2006 prices were on a high however by the time we had finished our second build in 2008 (financed mainly from the sale of the first) prices had taken a nose dive so even the house we were building was no longer worth what Estate agents had predicted when we started the build. I don’t think there’s any exact science to it and you have to think realistically about what you could build.The up side to the fall in house prices during our second build was that with demand falling we were able to secure materials at better prices.
  7. our kit erector wanted us to hire a mate of his with a hiab to come put the trusses up-£150 per hour and 4hours travelling time, we refused as our local plant hire guy had said he would do it, they were adamant he wouldn’t manage it but had to eat their words, he was getting them up quicker than they could fix them!
  8. Our house is rendered with enewall fine scratch render and now we are working on the garage which will have to be the same, the problem is we can’t find anyone to do it, contacted a few tradesmen but nobody is interested once they see what has to be done which makes me suspect not all plasterers/ renderers know how to apply it. Unfortunately we can’t get the plasterers that did the house as they were brought in by the builders and we don’t know who they are. Hubby is willing to give it a go himself and I’m quite confident he would be capable of it but it’s a time related problem as he has quite a few other jobs to do not least 500m of block paving! Would any of you take on this job yourselves or do any of the Scottish contingent know anyone who would do this?
  9. Thanks for that @makie however we have found some on gumtree and unbelievably only a few miles away from us😁
  10. We bought our roof tiles for the garage a few weeks ago however we are slightly short so thought we’d nothing to do but go and pick some up- wrong! Burton roofing have none left and all other bm we tried are in the Same boat, 8-16 week wait for them, just another thing to keep us from getting the garage completely finished😡
  11. Thanks @Ferdinand, there’s no problem with the pp running out because both plots were on the same application and one house has been built, I’ve been looking up SP energy website but I can’t seem to find a department that I would contact regarding this, they don’t make it easy to navigate!
  12. Hi @oranjeboom, just been reading over this thread and wondering how it eventually panned out, the reason for my interest is that we have a plot we are currently marketing which has cables over sailing it, several interested parties have viewed but it always comes down to the overhead cable, council planning department won’t allow a house to be built further forward on the plot because it would be out of line with existing buildings so it looks like we will have to try and have the cable removed, we have never signed a way leave for them and the land has been ours since 1992 , I’m really asking where do I start with this?
  13. Don’t know about retrospectively but when we built our last house we weren’t allowed a bay window because none of the nearby houses had them!