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  1. Christine Walker

    Klover pellet swallower!

    The flow dial on the manifold dropped by 10 degrees when the radiators came on , we have ended up turning the whole thing off tonight as this is going to cause a divorce in this house! tomorrow I am going to call the installer and demand he comes back and sorts this out as I am absolutely fed up of my hubby obsessing about it all the time
  2. Christine Walker

    Klover pellet swallower!

    Blending valve is at 45 @Declan52
  3. Christine Walker

    Klover pellet swallower!

    Tonight we have no hot water despite the stove being on most of the day, the house is warm around 19 but there is no hot water coming from the taps, also as soon as we put the radiators on upstairs the temperature to the ufh dropped 10 degrees, beginning to feel we’ve wasted a lot of money!
  4. Christine Walker

    Klover pellet swallower!

    @Declan52our stove is the PFP18
  5. Christine Walker

    Klover pellet swallower!

    We’ve still not got this system sorted out @newhome, can’t really get to grips with it at all sometimes when it’s been on for a couple of hours the water is roasting but at other times it’s not even hot enough for the ufh, I emailed the installer on Friday and told him we were having problems and his answer was give me a call but hubby is getting so angry now he doesn’t even feel like speaking to him, so I await his temper to calm down and make that call!
  6. Christine Walker


    Well done getting in! We’re in too but it feels a bit like camping, sofas set up in the room that is still waiting for the staircase which was supposed to be last week but now will possibly be this coming week, can’t really get properly set up till that’s done but you seem to be quite comfortable, enjoy!
  7. What will happen in this scenario then; our last house when built was valued at 450k , it had with it the garden ground plus another acre of land. When we sold it 8 years later we only got £320k but we kept the acre of land and now have pp for two bungalows on it, the 320 was used to pay off small mortgage and buy the cottage so our principal residence, we are now selling the plots valued at 85k each although I doubt we’ll get that , so the question is will we be liable for cgt on the plot money?
  8. We got a letter from the street naming department of the council just after our pp was granted, took us a few months to decide on a name but sent it in and a week later it was approved and then appeared in the drop down menu for the postcode, all free! wish we had our bins right enough but don’t want to draw attention before completion certificate and end up paying council tax😩
  9. Christine Walker

    Klover pellet swallower!

    @newhome no the pellets are fine and the ufh is not continually calling for heat it just seems to be the temperature at the stove, set to 70 it heats up , goes into slow mode then as the temperature at the stove drops it ramps up again and this is more or less continuous, can I ask how you know what temperature your different parts of the tank are at?
  10. Christine Walker

    Klover pellet swallower!

    Hi @Declan52 it’s just on all the time so whenever the temperature drops at the stove it ramps up again, it very rarely goes off altogether, it’s an 18kw insert stove heating a 500l bio Quattro thermal store, we’re really quite lost on what to do with it and very disappointed in the installer who after a great start seemed to just come in that day and do what he had to do without fully explaining it to us, the thing he has left us to get installed is an LK controller and he hasn’t put any temperature gauges on the tank, so this tank has all these pipes and what not coming from it and we don’t really know what they’re all for, tried looking for information online about the tank and all it says is your installer should leave you with a full understanding of the system, he’s a couple of hundred miles away the only person we could get who was registered with the energy saving trust and although he is quite accessible on the phone it’s not easy to grasp over a phone what’s what! I think we need to get the controller wired up ASAP but again thought with the amount we were charged for his sevices he would have done this!
  11. When we did our pp application and had to do the advert in the local paper the only house within the need to notify area was ours so we duly received a letter from the council informing us that we had made an application!
  12. Christine Walker

    Klover pellet swallower!

    Tonight we have moved in to the house, it’s not what my idea of moving in would be there’s stuff everywhere and still no staircase as we await it’s arrival sometime in the next few days, but we have a bed a sofa and a fully functioning kitchen and toilets hopefully I’ll get sorted out before Xmas! The move today had to happen as we spent a sleepless night last night in the caravan with minus whatever degrees and the gas stopped functioning properly, I’m told it doesn’t freeze but stops doing what it’s meant to so the decision was made to just move in. our other problem just now is the pellet stove, that’s a fortnight it’s been on and has used half a ton of pellets, the installer having been very good at the beginning suddenly more or less left us to it in terms of how to operate it most economically and didn’t install the controller saying we’d need to get our spark to put it in and we’ve not been able to pin him down as he’s so busy, I’m hoping @Declan52 is going to read this and come back to me with some advice on operating, we had the stove set at 70 degrees which was what the installer left it at but it just kept on burning up more and more pellets very rarely going off, we decided to lower it to 60 but although this saved on pellets the water wasn’t hot enough for a bath. We haven’t been heating the house to a great heat only 16 degrees with the ufh but tonight we had to up it and turn the radiators on upstairs as there seemed to be cold coming down into the ground floor from the mezz, don’t get me wrong I’m warm enough but I’m worrying about the cost of the pellets as we could end up using a ton a month at this rate! Any advise gratefully received!
  13. Christine Walker

    Underfloor heating problem

    @newhomeno we’re in between! Getting all the flooring laid and the staircase should be this coming week, we drink coffee in the house but still have to eat in the caravan until the gas is connected to cooker, just so many little bits and pieces to do but hopefully in a week or so in time to get the Xmas tree up!
  14. Christine Walker

    Treatment tank troubles

    Yes all sorted now @Pauljg79 thanks anyway
  15. Christine Walker

    Grid Connection

    I think it’s well documented how much SP energy quoted me-almost 25k! There was no capacity left in the existing transformer, they couldn’t even give me 12kva as was suggested on here, there are 5 plots next to me which they said if they eventually asked for a supply (within 5 years) I would get a partial refund. We went back and forth trying to find a solution, we got a quote from another contractor of £8k to do the digging but we still would have had another £10k to pay for the cable.Just when I was losing the will to live I had a eureka moment and threatened to serve them notice on the pole that was on my land, the outcome of which was they did everything for under £5k!