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Jul 2021: FT work + DIY build = slow slow slow



This blog is for me to look back over time to see how things have changed and to assure myself that we are making some progress, albeit very slow.

I appreciate all help and friendly comments, but appreciated that this is not an exciting blog.

Looking through my diary for the last month it seems to say, work / work / work and not on the conversion.

Moving to a new factory seems to entail lots of extra hours.  Good to add some OT to the budget, but by the time the taxman etc. have their cut it's not as much as hoped.

Anyway, this weekend 7th / 8th August is the server move which means the rest of the office staff can move so one more busy week with them and it should slow down.

The factory is a different story, but that's not my responsibility.


Anyway, back to the conversion.


After looking in more detail when replacing some blocks we realised that the crack in the middle of the long back wall went from top to bottom and was not level, but luckily hadn't cracked the somewhat limited existing foundations.

Thanks to BH and advice we went from the plan to stitch to removing the whole section to replace.



So, from this




To this, and hopefully soon the gap will be no more.





To provide access for drainage and just add more space on the back, which is south facing, we have been removing rotten sleepers and the steel girders which held them up.


This picture is back before everything started growing, now the whole bank has been covered in bracken as you can see in the picture above.


So again, from this






To this, which will ultimately be retained by gabions and cleared the whole length.

Getting out all the tree stumps, rotten sleepers and metal girders is quite a labour intensive task, thanks for diggers.






As of 2019 this stretch was completely impossible to get through with lots of weeds and tree branches growing through what is now our windows.

I didn't think at the time to take any pictures, but I'm beginning to become part of my children's generation and trying to remember to take photos daily of everything that does and doesn't move.

Not something that was ever done when I was young.




So, onwards to August, building up the gap, extending some internal walls and if we can get a floor saw then breaking more concrete, hopeful at an auction tomorrow.


Good luck to everyone on their build and back at the end of August.






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I know the pain of balancing paid work and building all too well. It's never easy. You'll find there is progress but it will be everyone else that see it first. Good luck!

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1 hour ago, dnb said:

I know the pain of balancing paid work and building all too well. It's never easy. You'll find there is progress but it will be everyone else that see it first. Good luck!


It's funny you say that, I was helping out at a village fete last weekend and someone who walks the nearby footpaths commented on the progress.

I guess I just have the project plan to see ahead.


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