June 2021 - slow progress



Well despite the light evenings progress has been very limited during June.

I've been working 8-6 with an hour travel each end, then with the dog to walk the horses to sort out and dinner there has just been no time.

I've also been decorating in our house, which needs to be done because we have visitors in a couple of weeks.


HID has been more productive, but as we have our separate roles he has been held up as well.

Just outside the end of the barn when we were trying to dig out roots we hit some rubble.

We thought it was a couple of stones, but it ended up being tons.




The hole we started digging had lots of voids which we were worried about, particularly as this is exactly where the drainage pipes were supposed to be going so these had to be removed.  Some of them were too heavy the the digger to lift so they had to be dragged.







In the end we had a very large hole, but with digging out the floors we have enough to fill it, it's just hard work.










One of my jobs is racking out the floors to get them more or less level, but I keep finding more rocks buried as part of the sub foundations.








So, we thought, let's use the digger and dry the dumper in.

Started well.





What we didn't consider was that when the front goes down, the back goes up.

Dumper well and truly stuck.




As we didn't want to empty it to move again we ended up raising the roof with props to get the dumper out.

Really stressful as I was worried we were going to pull the roof down.

Not trying that again.


Now we've knocked down the middle walls that are not supporting anything we wanted to start removing the corridor which is sloped as it, obviously, needs to be level.

But, once we started we realised that even the lowest bit is 8+ inches thick of solid concrete.  Plan B needed.






We think that it will be a frame and level.

I'm now hoping that the rest is as thick as it will certainly be solid and stable.


We do need to remove the kerbs either side and there are some drains which we need to investigate and probably fill in.


this floor is the base level from which everything will be built which means that the other corridor, which is 6" higher needs to be removed.

HID is planning on hiring a cutter to do some of it which will then allow him to dig it out.


So, a non productive month all in all.


Hopefully July will be better, although I'm still going to be very busy at work.

But, HID is currently in Slovakia for work so has to quarantine at home for 10 days.  So, apart from checking emails and taking calls he plans on spending lots of time on the build (demolition).


Looking at the barn in detail we still have so much to do just to take it back to basics.

Then the SE will be out so the BR drawings can be finished.


This building lark really is a lot of effort 🙂


Thanks for trawling through, if you've made it this far and next update the end of July.



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Plan B: do you have a friend with a private explosives license?

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21 hours ago, Ferdinand said:

Plan B: do you have a friend with a private explosives license?

now that sounds like a plan.

my son in law works at the nuclear investigation site so maybe he could help 🙂


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