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We’re at the bathroom design stage and being a bloke i don't have a clue!  

If it were left to me I’d buy a perfectly serviceable white bathroom suite from the local builders merchants. Luckily my wife has more idea about what is really required, so yesterday we set off round the local bathroom showrooms, of which there are four,  a large one which is part of the local family owned builders merchants, a middle range and two high end showrooms.  Having sat in, tapped and operated the various offerings it’s become clear, you get what you pay for! So we’re having what I class as “high end”. The other thing that has become obvious, the higher the cost of the item the heavier the brochure and the more bewildering the array of bits and pieces that make up their bathrooms.


We arrived home with around 25 brochures and no clear idea which manufacturer we will ultimately choose. Having talked to various sales people and sat in a number of loos,  we’ve decided we want wall hing toilets. We also know we need to draw up a basic layout for each of the four bathrooms and get an idea of what fits where, to help us narrow down the choices. We also need to decide, bath or shower or both and which bathrooms get which. So this morning it’s tape measure time. We will start by making so templates, walk round the various bathroom and finalise what goes where. Then it’s back to the showrooms to try and narrow down exactly style to go for. Then once we have a shopping list we can start looking at where’s best to buy from.


Just a quick question, can you mix and match items from different manufacturers?

Edit 1 -


On our visit round the showrooms we were given 22 brochures weighing in at 21.4 kg. Interestingly 3 out of the 4 offered an initial design service, in 2 cases there was a design fee of £200, refundable when you order the bathroom, the 3rd was free but you only got a couple of print outs of the 3D image of the finished design.


We've come to the conclusion that we were given loads of brochures so as to confuse us and in the hope we’d take up the design offering and consequently place an order. On the price front, everything we looked at in the showrooms as twice the price of Megabad, obviously fitting is an additional cost.


The photo at the top is the site loo, it’s all we have at the moment!





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Mixing and matching is done with care .. you are better off keeping all materials from one supplier of one type - for example match a white acrylic bath to a basin and WC pan from another supplier, but don’t mix porcelain from different suppliers as you may find different shades of “white”

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The same situation here. 


It's the next item on the list.


Fortunately it just an en-suite and bathroom to buy. 



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