Grand Designs Gravenhill - Budget vs Reality

This post is a record of the initial Estimated Prices, and stated final cost of the 10 self-builders featured in the Grand Designs - The Street, about 10 of the first houses built at the Gravenhill Self-Build development site at Bicester.


Watching the first episode, the 10 property street is starting to remind me of the Homeworld 1981 / Future Home 2000 exhibition, which is now Coleshill Place, Milton Keynes. The featured picture is of that exhibition site as it is now taken from Google Earth - looking embedded and conventional.




No 1, The Street - Budget for plot + build £275,000. Out-turn quoted - £335,000. A couple in their 60s.


No 2, The Street - Budget for plot + build £275,000. Out-turn quoted - £400,000 approx. A single lady in her 70s. This house had cantilevers fail and the roof split at the ridge-beam, requiring £20k + of recovery work.







Recommended Comments

We were quite lucky 

The vendor had an agreement with a local builder to sell

 it would have built two side on looking over her property 

Our house just has a frosted bathroom window facing her house 


You can save a lot by doing the work yourself 

My wife have just had a quote for doing the tegular block paving and drainage 

As I’m going to be to busy to do it any time soon

An eye watering £31000 

For a 330 mtrs 

I’ve worked out materials and I can’t get past 10k for materials 

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