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Design Book



Hello, If any readers have bought, read, borrowed etc my book 'Self Build Home...The last thing you need is an architect' (only £5 on Amazon btw) I welcome your feedback, comments, criticism. Jim on lofthousestudio@hotmail.com I know I've been critical of plan books on here and other forums, but I thought, for my second edition (!?)I'd include plan designs of some of my projects (realised and doomed), but illustrating and annotating a few important (well I think they are!) design features. Just a thought to stave off retirement dottage!


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when I finish the home builders bible, this will be next on my reading list?



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Yes. Thanks for reply. Home Builders Bible is an excellent 'How to' and 'What to watch out for' splendidly practical, as I recall. My book is a nice-to-have design book...full of design thinking 'how things join' ' how planes meet' 'how spaces might collide' I guess...all to your benefit really. Watching out for lost opportunities.I leave such things entirely up to you...your interpretation!

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As far as I can see, a Kindle edition is available...£5, if there is demand I can arrange to organise print copies for future...Jim

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Well thanks for skimming. Sketch and plan views would be a page filler, but my words and thoughts are far more important. When I used to teach architecture, I saw some of my sketches, pinned up at crits. So when teaching interior design (interior architecture) I conveyed my thoughts and ideas with words, adjectives and descriptions. I suggested a dictionary would be far my useful to expand the students' thinking...use of mood, atmosphere, materials etc. Modelling could come later.

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